Sunday, October 11, 2015

Closed GAME: A Quick and Dirty Review of the latest game by the creator of Bible Black

Perkenalkan, kami Empress.

Empress の名前はタロットカードの「女帝」に由来します。
Nama Empress berasal dari kartu tarot The Empress.

Dalam posisi normal kartu empress berarti: kebahagiaan, kestabilan, keindahan, kemakmuran, keibuan, panen, asmara.

Tetapi dalam posisi terbalik artinya menjadi: nafsu, kecemburuan, posesif, belenggu, egois, ketamakan.

Menurut kami kedua sisi itu menggambarkan pesona dari mahluk yang bernama wanita.

Menawan, tetapi juga menyesatkan. Terjal, tetapi juga fana.

Dua sisi pesona wanita yang saling bertolak belakang itulah yang menggambarkan konsep dari brand kami.

Tujuan kami ialah membuat karya dengan eros dan fetishism, dan juga cerita yang berkualitas. 
Terimakasih atas dukungannya.

Diambil dari bagian "about" situs Empress.

OBVIOUS WARNING:  This post contains NSFW/adult material.

15 tahun berlalu sejak eroge fenomenal karya Sei Shoujo yang mengguncang jagad perhentaian (istilah apa ini lmao) dengan judul "Bible Black" dirilis. Hingga saat ini, bagi saya Bible Black masih memegang peringkat tertinggi untuk eroge dengan sensasi yang menyeluruh. Baik dari sisi cerita dengan unsur horror, thriller, mistik, tragedy dan survivalnya, maupun dari sisi erotika dengan segala euforia, fetish dan kebejatan moralnya. Ini mungkin sebuah opini yang sangat bias, mengingat Bible Black adalah eroge dengan cerita gelap pertama yang saya mainkan, setelah saya muak memainkan eroge love sims karena merasa dibodohi dengan kisah-kisah yang sama sekali berbeda dengan realita romantika dunia nyata. Fuck you, vanila galge.

Setelah Bible Black, Sei berpartisipasi dalam karya-karya lain yang, meskipun bisa dibilang memuaskan namun tidak ada yang sampai menyamai level BB. Tetapi itu mungkin karena beliau tidak menghandle bagian ceritanya. Nama Sei Shoujo tertera pada bagian skenario hanya di game Starless (ini menjelaskan banyak hal, terutama kenapa saya bisa mendapat sensasi merinding yang sama saat main Starless dibanding judul-judul yang lain, dan juga pemilihan nama judulnya yang jika digabung menjadi judul lagu King Crimson; Starless and Bible Black) sementara di judul-judul lain seperti Cleavage, Lewdness, DominancE dan P/A, nama Sei Shoujo ditulis pada bagian art saja, jadi saya menyimpulkan Sei hanya membuat cerita untuk Starless and Bible Black. Dan satu judul lagi, yaitu Discipline, yang seperti bisa kalian tebak, diambil dari judul album King Crimson.

Meskipun begitu, eroge-eroge karya Empress mempunyai aroma yang sama, ditulis oleh Sei ataupun tidak. Seperti yang bisa anda baca di awal post ini, konsep dan tema yang diangkat biasanya berkisar pada dua sisi pesona wanita dan godaan yang menyertainya. Dan guilty pleasure yang anda dapat jika menerima godaan tersebut. Its always about the guilty pleasure. Dipadu dengan atmosfer yang glamor, sex, and drugs, and death (well that escalates quickly doesnt it), if I have to describe Sei's game in one line, it would be "A deadly yet glamorous game of pleasure and power".

And with all of that as prologue, lets get down to the meat of this post; review of the latest Empress' game: Closed GAME.

In the future, earth has lost most of its resource, turning its environment into deserts and ruins of cityscape. People are divided into two, those who live in the abandoned, dying earth and those who live up above the ground, in "Caelum Urbs", a floating land protected by sphere (Caelum: chisel, Urbs: walled city). Those who lives in Caelum Urbs comes into possession of everything. Their civilization is so advanced that people said that they have found a way to stop aging. The land people called them "the heavenly people". 

You play as Tougo Magnaaten, your typical seishoujo protagonist (by typical seishoujo protagonist I mean an average guy with no sexual experience but high libido and high potential, from nearly unlimited stamina to totally unrealistic amount of cum :v) Since Sei's game is about power play, this trademark trait is one of the best story's element that I always find it enjoyable, where you always starts from rookie and gradually make your way to be expert and eventually outstrenght the villain in their own game. The thrill you get on the early part is electrfying and the satisfaction you get on the later part is fantastic. Anyway, having interest and skill in so called old technology (cant get any more hipster than this), you choose not to give much damn with the wilderness outside, while your childhood friend, the spunky hot headed Celicia "Double Full The Trigger" Lockhart, is hype for her career as bounty hunter.

Biarpun tampilan anda kayak om-om botak gendut di doujin-doujin, tapi di gamenya Empress, anda bisa jadi bishounen berkacamata!

It's all started on one lazy day when you were having lunch in a bar with Celicia and another best friend of yours, George Mitchell, the current sheriff, when suddenly the bar exploded. Yep. The building got destroyed while you're still inside (kinda remind me to the opening scene in DominancE where the story begin with your starship crushed).

You find yourself awake in a spotless white room wearing nothing. A woman who introduce herself as Michiko Verxina appear via holographic monitor, telling you to wear the clothes prepared in the room (classy scifi suit) and gather at the hall. There, you meet Celicia and George, along with 3 other women. A holographic projection pops up again, this time showing a blonde, twin drill oujosama, who introduce herself as Celine, much to Celicia surprised because she used to have little sister with the same name but is currently missing. Celine call Celicia with onee-sama and tell her that she's now belong to Verxina family, which quickly objected by Celicia because the Celine she knew is not that slutty *cough*I mean, arrogant. But Celine quickly swipe that discussion away with a briefing that you are currently in Caelum Urbs and that the 6 of you are lucky because you will be given a chance to become a denizen of the celestial city and having one wish granted, but only if you survive the Closed GAME.

 And that's the gist of this eroge. So, what is Closed GAME? basically a survival game that span for 4 days. Each day, you will be deployed to a random stage where you have to find a spot called Safety Zone that will teleport you back to the main base (the one with white rooms) before the time limit reach zero. To help the task, each person will be given bangle or bracelet (Starless, everyone?) with 3 led light on it; when the blue light blinks, that means there's a friend/team member nearby, red light means enemy and green light mean safety zone. Each time the led blink, a loud sound will come out, you can tell how near the enemy/friend/safety zone is based on the volume of the sound. So yeah, the bangle is somekind like a radar. And speaking about enemy, of course there's also enemy in each zone, they ranged from meat doll (human in rubber suit and gask mask, yes there's also a female version but knowing seishoujo you can already guess what kind of female they are), pig-men, slime monster, giant bee, somekind of I dont know what is that thing that looks like a giant worm, and lizard men. I'm actually not too fond of fantasy creatures (ugh) but oh well. By now, you must be able to deduce the story by yourself. Yes, you and your team deployed to a place, got attacked, survived, found the safety zone, went to the next day, repeat until the last day, ending. But of course, there are twists. But I'll save that for the spoiler section, now lets meet the girls of your team that one of them will eventually have affection for you as you crawl out of hell that is Closed GAME as survivor. No, this game does not have harem ending.

Celicia Lockhart

Your rough and reckless, tomboy osananajimi. If you're familiar with Sei/Empress, having this girl-next-door kind of character as your main heroine is not that unusual, like Imari in Bible Black or Otokawa in Discipline. But Closed GAME is taking this one level beyond by having a super brash girl as the main heroine. At first, I cant stand her character at all. She's constantly speaking, loud mouthed brat with no brake and feminine charm, not to mention she loves to use violence as the first resort and the way she speaks make her more fitting to be casted in Crows Zero rather than an Empress' game. 

But, when I played her route and spent the time in the survival game together, I have to take back what I said and find that she actually has soft side too (not THAT SOFT SIDE). From all the heroine of this game, I find her dialogue is the most natural and enjoyable to listen to. Its like talking with an old pal, then I realize why does the conversation runs smooth, its because the main character (Tougo) sees Celicia as her little sister so they both never have an awkward moment when converse. Its only at the later part that Tougo will feel romantic attraction to her, if you play her route, but at that time, when that happen.. (continue to spoiler part)

Cocona Stemper

The most moeh moeh kyooooooonnn of all the heroine of this game, or perhaps, of all the sei shoujo game in history. Cocona always use her name when she refer to herself; "umm.. cocona doesnt know, she never think about that" <- something like this. She's also the most naive and air headed of the team (shooo kyooootttt HHNNNGGGHHHHH KOKONAAAAA). She said that she sells lemonade for living because thats the only thing she can do (cocona can't do difficult thing UwU) when suddenly white light came upon her and she find herself in Caelum Urbs. She seems like has no interest with the game and just want to return to home.
Cocona is easily my most favorite heroine in this game. Have you ever heard a saying "face like angel with body like devil"? that perfect combination combined with her Latifa Fleuranza trait made her becomes the most adorable yet sexiest character ever. UNTIL I realize that I'm so stupid for believing everything she said because.. (continue to spoiler part)

Funny trivia: since she has the smallest figure compared to the other woman in this game, the other girls treat her like a child. When you take her route, Celine will even call you a lolicon and I was like, wtf? sure, in sei's world she might be considered small but put her in any other series especially those moe loli show and Cocona will be an oneesan character there.

Marielle Clemens

Marielle is a girl with a gloomy looks and permanent unamused expression that I dont have any interest in, EVEN WITH HER WEARING GLASSES. She's the weakest among the team and basically can do nothing except sobbing and cowering in fear and is afraid to be left alone.

But of course my judgement toward her changes when I play her route. Turn out she suffers a sickness so chronic that she only have one year to live. Her almost permanent :( expression came from her tired emotion and hopelessness of having to deal with her condition. She came to Caelum Urbs willingly to join the Game as her last gamble, that if she won she'd wish for her health to recover by using Caelum Urbs' technology. But turned out the game is too hard for her level to handle and, knowing that she might lose she wouldn't mind to die here than waiting for a year. "Its not like there's anyone that still care for me anyway". *cue sad music from Shigatsu BGM*

So, yeah, this is what happen when Empress suddenly make a tear jerker story that sounds like Narcissu or one of those korean movie. But hey, it works! I feel bad for Marielle and her sex scene is the sweetest in this game, with cheesy line here and there and healing the emotional wound and I was like oh woow am I playing nukige or otome game?. So, does this make Marielle's story does not have any twist? lolnope, there's still a twist in the ending, but I saved it for (the spoiler part).

Lacey Mallet

The diva (because idol is too mainstream). Lacey is a famous singer that Tougo like to hear her songs back in the earth. Because Tougo sees himself as a fan, there are awkward scenes at the beginning and she seems distant. But if you play her route, she will gradually open up (guess what else is opened up, huehuehue). Eventually she will tell you the reason why she joined the game, she came to Caelum Urbs in order to look for her missing mother, Cindy Mallet, a legendary singer that once visit Caelum Urbs and never be heard again.
If the sex scene with Marielle is the sweetest, then the one with Lacey is the hottest. Of course this is to be expected since there is a lot of delusion fuel involved. Imagine you make love with your favorite idol/actress/singer/cosplayer/whatever (for me that'd be, lets see, Minhee from Stellar maybe? huehue) not as a fan but as a person that she has affection for. Because you both know each other and help each other during hard times. And she will finally take off her professional mask when she no longer see you as a fan or stranger. And then you cant help but feel that even a famous person that you idolize is actually a human too, that they can experience various emotion, from angry to sad to fear and joy. D'aaawww. Empress sure know where they have to present delusion and when to give a nice touch of reality so it doesnt taste too much of a bullshit. So yeah, Lacey is my most favorite heroine in this game (I'm sorry Cocona for being ladoer). I didn't intend to play her route as the last but I'm so glad I did. Maybe because it has a vibe of having something that seems unreachable, or maybe because when she drops her mask and be honest, she becomes much more down to earth and you can trust her completely (this game has a lot of female trolls). Oh, and she has her own ending song which sounds sooooo goooooooood it gives you eargasm while orgasm (lmao the pun).

The Villain
For when you want to go asshole to the girls in your team and choose to play the antagonist route instead because hey, live is about making choices rite.

Michiko Verxina

The Marie (Starless) or Kimiko (DominancE) of Closed GAME. Just like any other empress in Empress game, she's a lawful evil at its finest. She and her step daughter run the Closed Game for enjoyment. But she also stick to her rules and never betray her promises (though you have to listen to her wording VERY carefully). In the true ending, she also accepts her lose in a dignified manner and showing that she really cares for Celine despite her being a step daughter.

Celine Verxina

Your typical Empress' snotty princess. You can say she's the Leona (Discipline) or Marisa (Starless) of Closed GAME. Celicia's little sister who has become Michiko's step daughter, making him a legit citizen of Caelum Urbs. Despite being the cruelest character in this game, you have to admit that most of her sex scenes are top notch (Hey, you can still do it again, right? I'm still not satisfied~~) beware of the stray bullets though, since she has a hobby of shooting gun when orgasm (did I just hear you say 'what the fuck?').

And there you have it, my review and impression toward the game and its characters. Before I move to the spoiler (ending) part, I'll conclude the review by writing what is good and bad from Closed GAME compared to other Sei Shoujo games:

(+) Plot is waaay better and more complex than expected. I thought that its just a quick and dirty survival game story. Turn out each heroine has her own agenda.
(+) So many twist and surprises I lost count how many times I said 'what the fuck'.
(+) The thrill of Sei Shoujo/Empress' game is there. And with the many twist above, you will be on your guard everytime. The good old, ohshiiiiiit-- and unease sensation you get when you feel like something is not right is going to happen, when earlier everything seems fine, is there.
(+) You died a lot. Which is good. And most of the times unexpectedly. And why is that? because..
(+) ..some choice are unpredictable. I mean its not always an obvious questions like 'with whom you want to go? (choose 1 girl from your team)' but more like 'what are you going to do? (keep move forward/back to earlier place)' or 'what strategy will you use to search the safety zone? (search as one group/divide team into smaller groups), and sometimes BOTH ANSWER are corrects, making you more confused when aiming for good end.
(+) Interesting concept to get good ending in regard of the choice above, I'll explain this in the spoiler part.
(+) Crazy chicks everywhere. Even the most serious girl (Marielle) unintentionally did crazy thing (gives you viagra when you tell her that you feel tired after defeating enemy, because she thought it will recover your stamina).
(+) Cocona you crazy bitch lmaoooo
(+) Dem cool meganes
(+) Hot twintail blonde oujo-sama as your villain. Its like Discipline. With gun.
(+) Chillin' jazz BGM as you can expect from Sei's game.
(+) Badass Guilty Gear-ish rock BGM.
(+) Other BGM are also good. Srsly this game has a lot of good track from country to blues to persona-ish music, and the cheesy 90's love sims BGM.
(+) Damn awesome Lacey's ending song, slow jazz with correct English lyric and correct English pronunciation (I wonder where did they get the vocalist).
(+) Stand gallery (no, it has no relation with Jojo) is back just like in P/A. Basically its a mode where you can make screenshot using various character sprite and background. Quite cool. You can use it to create wallpaper like the one I put on this post despite there's no such scene in the game.
(+) Celicia's "Love and Penis" tattoo because "Love and Peace" is too mainstream.

(-) Plot took waaaay to long to get the juicy part (no, not that juicy part). Compared to Starless that got intense after few introductory scenes and escalates, I almost fell asleep when reading the early part of this game.
(-) The entire game is too short. I mean, come on, Starless got two weeks worth of story while this one only has four days. 
(-) Because of that shortness, the heroine doesnt get a lot of exposure and development. Sure, the 'heroine actually has their own plan and not just being there to get screwed' part is great, but it actually happen in day 2 and with 2 days worth of scenes (day 4 is for conclusion scene) it feels not enough.
(-) Even the sex scene is too short :v mostly just one shot (literally lmao) and has no post-scene if you know what I mean. Whats wrong, Empress? where's the epic line of "mada tarinaii~~" "manzoku dekinaii" and something along that.
(-) Overall the entire game feels too short and rushed. I wonder if they can't meet the deadline.
(-) No ending archive mode. Sure you can see the ending scenes from the scene mode but it doesnt give a feeling of satisfaction each time you get a good ending, as well as telling you the info of just how many ending in this game and how many you get by now.
(-) Menu and interface is still ugly. I wonder why after Starless every Sei's game menu visual quality dropped significantly. Seriously even I can make something like that.
(-) This is probably on purpose (so that people would buy the ost cd) but the music box mode dont have repeat button so you have no choice except to listen one track after another. You could record it manually on your own if you're dedicated enough though.

Oh and of course

(+/- depend on your fetish) scat

Final thought:

As this game isn't written by Sei Shoujo, I didn't expect for the plot to be at the interstellar level, or at least on par with DominancE, but turn out its slightly above my expectation. So, yeah, Closed GAME is good. It just that it could be longer. I'm definitely looking forward to the next E\\\dmpress' game, hopefully Sei could back as the scenario writer.

And now, for the spoiler section for you guys out there who doesnt have any plan to play this game but curious to know how the endings are.


First thing first, CLosed GAME has a clever methods to screw your logic when you aim for good ending, that is you can't apply THE EXACT FORMULA to every heroine. This means that, for example, if the correct choice for Marielle's good ending is "A - B - B - Go with Marielle - B - A - Go with Marielle again - and so on", don't expect that if you choose "A - B - B - Go with Cocona - B - A - Go with Cocona again - and so on" you will get Cocona's good ending. I was trolled hard by this one. Since A - B - B made good result (survived) I thought I have to choose the same answer when I replayed the game. turns out choosing something that made you dead in heroine A's route can result in you survive if you choose it in other heroine's route. I finally gave up figuring out the combination since there's no right and wrong answer so you have to go trial and error, and went with the walkthrough instead. But if you like some extra frustration then I suggest you to just play and try the combination one by one.

Second spoiler, remember your old pal, George Mitchell the sheriff? that guy is dead on day 1, killed by monster. This seems like just an ass pull to make a reason so you can have a harem party as your survival team, but turn out it will play a big role in the true end route. Before you get to the true end, it would seems that Mitchell is just an unimportant side character.

And speaking about true end, which is actually Celicia's good end, you can not access true end route if you haven't get all the other ending. So yeah, you CAN NOT ESCAPE from getting Celicia's bad end on the first playtru, which involved tragedy and NTRRRRRR.

Now for the ending. As I write before, in this game you can die a lot and the game will ended abruptly. Obviously I wont list that, I will write the ending of each female character. Lets starts from the villains first.

Michiko Verxina

Michiko's route is quite easy, because it is also literally the easiest way to win the Closed GAME. You get into her route if you choose to go alone rather than with another girl in your team EVERYTIME you have to venture the stage. Michiko will appear to you in person (rather than via holographic projection) and ask you for an offer; she will guarantee everyone's survival till the end of the game and sent them back to earth IF you agree to become her sex slave. To which you accept. 

So in the end of the game, everyone survived and returned to earth, including Celicia, after a dramatic parting, and you begin your life as the mistress' plaything. That is, until she grow bored of you and send you to be transformed into meat doll (men with gask mask and rubber suit that you encountered during the game as enemy). Welp, at least the bondage scene was hot.

Celine Verxina

Celine's route has a connection with Celicia's, obviously, since both of them are sisters. Celine being the younger sister. So I will also write about Celicia here. Tougo, Celicia and Celine were close friends back then in the orphanage. The three of them grew up together. Celicia, being the older sister and a tomboy, always played a prank to her little sister. Those pranks actually weren't serious one but Celine, being a shy and quiet girl, actually can't take that, but she can't say it to her big sister and Celicia being Celicia, completely oblivious with that (must be suck being Celine at that time). But the secret is not only that, back then Celine actually like Tougo, but again, she can't say it because Celicia also like Tougo and they look compatible (though actually its just because Celicia is more outgoing and behave like boys and Tougo see her as little BROTHER). Thats why when Michiko came to her and asked if she want to leave the orphanage and live with her to Caelum Urbs as her step daughter, she quickly agreed. 

Years after living in the floating city, the high class life style has changed little Celine from the shy and quiet village girl into a crazy badass urban nympho who wouldnt hesitate to pull the trigger of Witch Hammer, her gun's name, to people she despises. So this is more or less like Surti and Tedjo but in reverse lmao. But deep in her heart, she still couldn't forget her first love, Tougo Magnaaten. That's why when Michiko held Closed GAME, she quickly took the Master of Ceremony role and pick Tougo and Celicia as the contestant. Its time for her to make them pay and she made sure she'd put Tougo in more than enough shitty situation to deal with (quite literally).

Both Celine and Celicia's route has the same final scene, a duel between those two. In Celine's route, she succesfully shot Celicia. Celine says that it wasnt a fatal shot and that Celicia will be taken to recovery place (though knowing the chaotic nature of her, there's a chance that Celicia will be transformed into meat doll too). You spend your life waiting for Celicia to return (which probably will never happen) as Celine's sex slave. Just like in Michiko's route, only luckier, because Celine is in love with you so there's no way she will dump you and transform you into niku ningyou. Time passed and finally there come a chance for you to avenge for what she did (the infamous drug back the villain moment in Empress' game) but after all those revenge sex has been done, as you look at Celine's messy condition, you realize that after all this time, you might now grow fond of that sexy little devil's ass and decide to let go of Celicia.

Celicia Verxina (bad end)

At the duel scene, maybe realizing that she is no match for Celicia's bounty hunter skill, Celine decides to shot Tougo instead. Celicia snaps, but before she shots again, Michiko tells Celicia that Tougo still can be saved if she wished for that as the winner of Closed GAME. Celicia agrees. Michiko then summons the meat dolls to take Tougo to the recovery place. 

Time passed, Celine tells Celicia that Tougo is finally recovered and she can met him today.. only to find a meat doll in the room. Celine says that because the wound is too fatal, the only way to save Tougo is by transforming him into niku ningyou. As Celicia having sex with the silent doll (meat doll can't speak) with tears of joy, Celine leaves the room and laughing loudly, knowing that the real Tougo Magnaaten is being held captive in Michiko's place as Michiko's sex slave.

Marielle Clemens

You survived the game but at a heavy cost. You use your wish to save the other contestant but the system only capable of saving only one girl. So you choose the byoujoku meganekko, Marielle Clemens. That means the others wouldn't make it and died. But its alright, because you decided that Marielle is the girl that you love and she loves you back. Crying with tears of joy, Marielle use her wish to ask for a treatment for her sickness. The system grants it.

Its been some time since you both living together as citizen of Caelum Urbs. Marielle has completely recover. Life is good. No, its way too good. Now that Marielle Clemens is no longer sick and having her body enhanced by nano machines (lmaoooo finally we have nano machines in sei shoujo game! NANOMACHINES, SON!) she shows her true potential. Welp, you might already able to guess it. Yes, turns out she's actually a closet pervert and now that she doesn't need to hold back, the caterpillar evolves to full fledged nympho. And not only that, because she's been living surrounded by medicine, she decided to study medicine using you as guinnea pig. Oh well, at least now you can fuck her brain out without worrying of breaking her fragile body or weak stamina. NYMPHO MEGANE BANZAI.

Cocona Stemper

"Cocona lies", Cocona said, "all of the thing she said to you is actually made up, tee-hee"

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WTF IS THIS EKSDE EKSDE EKSDE Yes, this is the most hilarious route in Closed GAME. Cocona is actually a pro spy of earth resistance group or something, sent to Caelum Urbs to get a crucial data about its technology that will benefit for the civilization of low earth. Of course this scene only revealed when you go into her route. If you didnt play her route at all, you'll probably see Cocona as an innocent lemonade selling girl till the end. In Cocona's route, you will be helping her to accomplished her mission, using your knowledge and skill in old technology. Anyway her spy mode is completely different it made me laugh for a good few second while posing /:v\ what the fuuuu lmaooo. And it's only when you go with Cocona's route that you begin to notice she likes to curse in foul word when thing happen not the way she liked, which is very contrast with her cute image.

Cocona: ah, shit
Tougou: ?, Did you said something?
Cocona: oh no, its nothing ^_^

Cocona also does a lot of wtf trolling, like killing the monster (she's actually skillful in battle) and pretending to get sting, and telling lies that to heal the sting, you have to do something involves with spraying ammonia (get it? lmao wtf girl). When asked what happen with the monster, of course she would play dumb and act as if she didnt know anything.

Anyway, Cocona's route involves you helping her mission which is stealing data from Caelum Urbs. This made the game that suppose to be thrilling and intense story becomes funny since basically when you decide to join Cocona's secret mission you become so OP and know many things, including what's going to happen, how to act when you become the winner, planning how to borrow time when making a wish so Cocona can prepare her final act of her mission and so on. Finally, after everything went success, everyone returned to earth, everything back to the way it was, happy end. Plus, you and Cocona are now a legit couple. So when you're not busy with your work and Cocona with her organisation's activity, you two meet in secret. TO FUCK. Until one day, Cocona said that she's pregnant. But you two keep fucking anyway. But one night, after a hot sex with Cocona (fresh milk on the house aww yeaah) you heard a familiar step approaching. Why does this remind me to that one in Bible Black? The one with Imari went to Minase's home when he's with Rika? Huh, is that Celicia? what's your problem girl? uh-oh, wait, is that a gun? hey hey, lets-


Yea, Cecilia shots you and you died. Unfortunately, the ending for this route is just as hilarious as the story. I don't know how to react, its just seems so surreal, I mean is this for real? I hope this is a joke. Oh well, time to replay that pregnant sex scene again from the replay mode.

Lacey Mallet (bad end)

Despite not being main heroine, Lacey has two endings, though one of the ending is bad end. The main branch of her ending is when you gives her your opinion that she should a) Continue searching for what happened of her mom, or b) Gave up and choose to live as what she is in the present. Choosing (a) will gives you bad ending, stuck as the verxina's family sex slaves, for that is what Lacey's mother become. This is the most guilty pleasure ending because you get to fuck Lacey everyday in various fetish play, but at the sacrifice of her dream to become a singer. She has become a bird locked in the golden cage, along with your bird (huehue).

Lacey Mallet (good end)

Having to let go of her motive, Lacey decides to come back to her stage and finally become not just a popular singer in earth but also in Caelum Urbs. Of course this also mean that you return to just a fan of her. The gap between her world and your feels so far apart. The days of times when you and her fighting together in crazy survival game seems just like a distant memories. 

One day, a small packet arrived at your place. Its content are two tickets, those are tickets for Lacey's concert in Caelum Urbs. But there's more to that. Inside the packet, there's a small letter from Lacey contains information of the time and place you can meet  her after concert. And a free pass to backstage. Luckily for you, Celicia doesn't have any interest with such concert, so you ended up going alone. The concert was of course amazing. But what happen after that is even more amazing.

After knocking the door with a combination knocks that described clearly in the letter, you hear a familiar voice that you haven't hear in a long time from behind the door. You entered the room and there she is. Lacey Mallet, still in her concert costume, with make up and sweats and everything. Thing happens so fast, without plan, without thought, only mutual desire. Knowing that this is probably the last time you can hold her, and she probably think so too, you made love to her as if the world would end tomorrow. This is, without a doubt, the sweetest yet saddest ending in Closed Game. THE FEELING SO STRONK WERE LASTING FOR SOO LOOOOONG. By: Michael Learns To Rock.

But hey, who knows, its maybe possible after she retired from the entertainment spotlight she will return to you, though by that time, you two would already becomes old. Or you're both would have already married anyway. This is also the only ending that has a special ending song, a slow jazz with english lyric titled "The Path", which quite possibly is suppose to be Lacey's song, sung by herself (in concert?). ITS.DAMN.GOOOD. Do me a favor and listen to it (sorry for the low quality audio, I records it in game with my half ass recording skill).


Celicia Verxina (good end)

The main heroine's good end, which, for me, is pale in comparison to Lacey's good ending. In this ending, when the game is almost over, suddenly it's interrupted by a call from someone with the higher rank in Caelum Urbs, concerning a person that's killed during the game (George). Turn out that act was deemed illegal (I forgot whether it was the game, or the killing or both that considered illegal) and eventough Michiko tried to act innocent but there was the video as proof. As a result both Michiko and Celine were kicked out from Caelum Urbs and have to live down to earth (pun intended). But that's seems not quite a big deal, since both of them still keepin it fine with enjoying orgies on earth and the likes. 

An interesting trivia, Celine's gun name, Witch's Hammer seems originating from this.

And that's all I can write about this game. Last time I checked Empress' site, there still no news about their upcoming game, which is to be expected since its usually come in january, maybe so they can boost sales of Closed Game in winter comiket(?). But there's another interesting news, apparently Sei draws a character for merchandise (tapestry and dakimakura), a high school metal girl.

As expected from Sei, she's got a wild and dangerous feel combined with the innocent charm of teenage high school girl. I wonder is she listens to King Crimson. You can check the website for more information, including the price.


Kaifin said...

"Quick" lol this is a complete and Fantastic Review, I finished Michiko and Celine Route, and I love both of them, but i prefer Celine, because i shall survive and be a Sex Pet forever!I'm looking forward to doing the Cocona Route! It's really a shame this site does not have the recognition it deserves and be dead, but whoever did this Review, congratulations, you're amazing,you understand very well all Masterpiece from Sei Shoujo, And put the Heart and Soul to do this Review!

Neohybrid_kai said...

Hi, thanks for the comment, yea I rarely write in blog now, blame Facebook for conveniently posting short thoughts LOL, but I still check the comment once in a while. Sei Shoujo is amazing, too bad Empress only makes gacha browser game now.

Kaifin said...

it is a pity! it's been 3 years since the release of Closed Game and yet there's no news about a new game, they keep updating that crap game called Energy Ectacy every 3 months and selling pillows of what looks like the new game!
I really hope that the Empress launches a new game, because even this year I intend to finish all the routes of the Closed Game and still finish Potential Ability!I will not have any other Masterpiece of Sei Shoujo to play = (

from the release of Cleave to Starless, it was 5 years of waiting, and we know that Starless was their biggest game, maybe they're wanting to repeat the idea with their new game, and launch a Big game!

Neohybrid_kai said...

It would be great if they release new game this year but I won't put my hope high. Story and atmosphere wise, Starless is such a masterpiece, though the use of repeated CG (same scene with minor difference) kinda irk me but the "escalation of things" is great. Its hard to find nukige with thrilling element these days, let alone with semi realistic art. I kinda lean to manga/doujin now (Odanon is one of my fave) but his story is bland af LOL.

Kaifin said...

Yes, Oda-Non, Homare, Izayoi seishin and Tamagou are fantastics artist! I would love to see a Nukige with their art!

Neohybrid_kai said...

Whoah, Izayoi Seishin and Homare are my favorites too. Izayoi is my most favorites but I forgot to write because he rarely releases new stuff now. Some of my other favorite artist are Kaoru Hazuki, Aoi Hitori and Takasugi Kou. Never heard about Tamagou before, I'll definitely check it later.

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