Wednesday, September 17, 2014

15 Essential Anime, Ikemasen Ojousama version

PLN killed the electricity so I got nothing to do (except playing budidaya JAMUR and Mandora and Candy Crush). This one is actually a tagging game on FB, but I need some warming up for this blog, so yeah. Anyway, ten is too few, I might missed something important. Just writing things that come up first in my mind. Here we go.

Ten Anime Series/Movies Most Often To Stay With Me.

1.  Byousoku 5 cm

2. AIR

Cycle of samsara: the anime. There's a reason why I named my old blog Tabikarasu. It shows how much influence this anime has to me. I'm thinking of buying figures of Misuzu now (with the recent escalation in my hobby, I got a feeling this blog might become an animu figure blog in the future :v..).

3. Kegalauan Suzumiya Haruhi

Remembering me, discover and see
All over the world, she's known as a girl
To those who are free, their minds shall be keep
Forgotten as the past, 'cause history will last

Did you get the reference?

4. The Recollections of a Certain Pilot

Simple premise, STRONG IMPACT. And it only needs a single movie to deliver. Combining many dramatic elements; war, unsung heroes, this blog's name, nikmatnya NTR, racism and many more. Awesome OST too (too bad it never got released).

5. Mushishi

If you still haven't watch this series, and you're interested with things like zen and life philosophy, I recommend you to start watching Mushishi. There's a reason the manga and the anime received Kodansha Manga Award and the Tokyo Anime Award. Mushishi teaches you that no matter how arrogant human and how highly they might think they are, in the end, you are all is just a small part of something bigger, something that flows along in time. 

6. Mawaru Penguindrum

Love makes you evil, hatred turns you into a good person.

7. Silau-man

 When things that you WANT to do and things that you NEED to do are one and the same, you shall hear the "true calling" of this world. Also, WJK

 8. Haibane Renmei

Regret always comes later. But salvation won't come without regrets. If you don't regret, you can not be saved. Haibane is like a small gems hidden under pile of craps that is animu today. It comes from the mind of Yoshitoshi Abe who famous for his S.E Lain, an anime about social media era before it was cool. If you're looking from buried treasure and havent heard of this anime, I recommend you to try it.

 9. Nagi no Asukara

So much ASUness in this anime. Nagi Asu is like an upgraded version of Kimi Nozo. It has bigger amount of characters minus ero scene (Maybe because the setting took place in rural area). Currently, Im thinking of making a "nonton bareng" event where we would watch the entire show in one day(!). The roller coaster of emotion is just sooooo damn goooooooooood.

Aku tidak tahu harus berbuat apa lagi

10. Zetsuen no Tempest

This show is so METAL. In fact, a lot of people in this anime are turning into METAL. Then there's swarms of beautiful butterfly of doom. Duel of logical arguments. Shakespares all star. Your crush is secretly dating your best friend. People not died when they are killed etc.

And I'm not making this shit up! Especially the dating best friend part.


11. Monogatari series

Pretentious as SHIT, deep as FUCK. The characters GROWS. STATUS QUO BE DAMNED.
Monogatari is a long trip. And you might watch them for the gratuitous erotic scenes and dental fanservice but, realize or not, the characters' interaction and development is not to be taken so lightly. They made choices. Choices that changes their life, and some of them, to some extent, their beliefs. Something that will make you went "oh I used to like this person, but now, not anymore. He/she had change." In this area, monogatari is amazingly realistic.

Also, lagu OP gagal move on

12. Saikano

War.. war never changes.. and what goes well with depressing war story? A depressing romance of course. The last sex scenes on the manga is graphically explicit, but at the point when you're finally reading that part, your penis would already too limb from the depression.

What you watched

What you expect

What you get

13. Gankutsuoh


14. Barokahmon

Barokahmon is like the anti-thesis of Zetsuen and Gankutsuoh. Handa-sensei is such a great bro. I feel you, man. NOHOMO.

15A. Spice and Wolf

Economy animu! As a shop owner, now I like this series more than before.

15B. Maoyuu

Economy animu! Now with BIGGER BOOOBIESSS! That means a bigger coverage too, of course. With politics and society and religion and technology and humanism. But above all, a BIGGER BOOOBIES.

Too many depressing animu on this list, here's for antidote

There's also stuff like Aquarion, Guilty Cro**, or the recent Aldnoah (SLAINEZONED should be a new term) but I guess it would count as titles that particularly impressive but not enough to stay at the top of mind.

Honorable mention 

Starless anime sucks, but you can't say the same with Bible Black. Its a legend. To anyone who says into depravity that is hentai anime, watching Bible Black is a must. The show never tries to sugar coated sinful things with virtues. Technically speaking, the visual is also amazing, the graphic are detail, the plot also ROCK SOLID (get it?). A decade has passed but I don't think there is another title that able to get on the same par with Bible Black.

A highest compliment I can give to a hentai anime.


minoru said...

Wogh listnya exactly what I expected.

B-but what about Umineko?

Neohybrid_kai said...

Umineko anime fail (as an anime adaptation)
it doesnt fail as comedy anime tho

Anonymous said...

listnya banyak yg masuk blacklist di bakabt
sepertinya memang perlu asupan data dari anda

Neohybrid_kai said...

hoo, yang mana aja yang masuk blacklist?

Anonymous said...

terutama Air, Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku, Mushishi, Haibane Renmei mungkin lisensi memang pilih yg "berkelas" ya
kalo Nagi no Asukara, Gankutsuou, Barakamon masih bisa diselamatkan (y)

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