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The usual rite: Summer '12 anime glimpse

Welcome back to this nearly forgotten blog. So, yeah, we're entering the new season of anime, summer, that is. And just like the usual, this is the glimpsing tru post contains first impression of series that I have watched. Actually I'm not that confident of this post considering there's only a little of series I can write, because I haven't (or probably never) watched the other shows that I didn't write here (I actually have watched some of the others but in the end I just skipped it) so I'll just write impression of shows that I've watched and decided to follow. Ok, let's start from show that is on the lowest priority of my watch list


Cerita Anacna Family Gila

99.9% of my male otaku friends dropped this show since the first eps, even including Gecd who watch the famous pangeran kasmaran (yang bahkan tidak saya tonton, btw the 0.01% is based on assumption that there's actually a friend that watch but didn't want to confess). Make sense, of course, since this anime is basically female fans fodder. But I find this anime has an interesting side that I find too valuable to be dropped.

I'm getting excited too every time I thinking about that, if you know what I mean

First, the female character. Appearance wise, this "za buraido" memang didesain dengan stereotype tsundere ojou-sama, you know, red twintails, zettai ryouiki etc. Tapi character wise, she isnt disappointing either. Dilengkapi dengan will power dan battle skill yang tidak bisa dianggap remeh, she'd make an interesting character on this battle royale wedding themed story (or so I hope). Well more or less, I got the Misaki (Kaicho wa Meido-sama) vibe from her, so I'm looking forward to see her future act.

Apparently, in otome game, even the cat want to bang the main heroine

Second, the concept. The whole bride battle royal, srs family bsns and major arcana reference is just screaming for awesome development (again, or so I hope). The arcana tribal-ish icon design is also awesome, I tip my hat for the tattoo designer. The only fear I have for now is that the anime will waste its episode just for character introduction and mediocre case (I'm looking at you, eps 2) but anyway the premise have so much potential and promosing development, I hope that at least the anime will have a well deserved ending (and a 18+ harem ending OVA doujin where there's, you know, n-some scene where n = total male arcana user).

Moral of this anime


Post apocalypse moe moe that is supposed to be DEEP or probably not DEEP at all (aka Jinrui wa.. dst)

 Not pictured: the moemoe heroine that you probably has watched 
hundreds time on another anime site

There are bad thing and good thing I've got after watching 2 eps of this anime. The good thing is, don't get fooled by the soft colored visuals and moe looks of its characters because the post apocalypse and mystery premise is still there, and the tense atmosphere is well kept in the part where it needs to be. But, the bad news, apparently after those that's supposed to be mind twisting and whiplash scenes, the story can't make it out from the comfort zone. Or at least that's what I feel for now. This anime needs a more DEEPer penetration (the anime, I said, not the heroine) to make it looks more appealing to me. Nevertheless, I will keep my eyes on this show, since the real deal might come out later (though I still want those annoying fairies to be maimed by some man-eater plant). And btw, did anyone watch Yoshiura's Sakasama Patema (Patema Inverted)? now that's what I call mind-blowing post apocalypse moe.


N to the T to the R. NaTsuyuki Rendezvous

Now we're entering the real dorama animu zone. DEEP stuff. Hardcore stuff. Natsuyuki Rendezvous, despite my wails and complains since the first trailer came out, protesting of the main heroine's hair style that turns me off, I was left speechless after watched eps 1. The presentation. It hits home. The plot actually not that special, it even looks ridiculous the first time I heard it, but the way the anime handling each scenes, the monologue, the scripts, the direction, impressive. POWERFUL. It was the kind of anime that glued my eyes to the monitor, probably like those grade school kids when watching sentai or kamen rider.


Who is NTRing? Who is being NTRed? Who's the one who can not move on? The one being left? The one being rejected? Does love really depise those who try too hard? Are you guaranteed to gain love if you play by its rule? Classic questions, but even until today I still can't find answer to those enigma. Then the ending song kicks in, blasting all the emotion, closing the curtain, leaving you breathless while craving for the next episode to come quickly like an addict.

Anata ni deawanakerebaaaa konna ni setsunakuteeeee
mune wo shimetsukeru
koto mo nakatta soredemo
anata ni deaenakerebaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaa..
tsuyosa mo yasashisa mo
shiranai mama...
heya no tsumi de naite itaaaaa
nanimo miezuniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Oh, and speaking about the heroine again, I take back my word, the character is so strong that it grows on me, even better than any two dimensional flat bishoujo character, and not to mention she's voiced by Sayaka Ohara which boost the charming mature lady aura. Anyway, there's two more thing I want to say about this anime. First, technical-wise, this is the reason why I choose drama anime oever dorama/live action. Some scenes in this anime just wouldn't work well if it was a live action. No, I'm not talking about the ghost thing. Its the technique of presenting the mundane things into something.. I can't find the word, ..meaningfully artistic? somekind like that. The everyday detail that you can easily ignore in live action can become a focus point in a scene and the emotional impact is still there eventhough the character is not present. And two, story wise, serial ini berhasil menghindari salah satu jebakan yang menuntut suspension of disbelief level tinggi untuk drama modern, which is the existence of internet and social networking. This story took place in a frontal battlefield, baik circumstance maupun tingkat kedewasaan characternya membuat theory technology ruins romance sama sekali tidak berarti di cerita ini. Sehingga penonton (yang sensitif dengan isu ini, seperti saya) tidak merasa dibodohi. This is dorama anime at its finest form. Satu-satunya yang bisa bikin rating anime ini drop di mata saya, adalah jika endingnya menyisakan aftertaste yang tidak enak (bukan bittersweet, bukan bitter, just simply bad taste) seperti Apollon, tapi melihat kualitas dari 2 eps yang sudah tayang, sepertinya kita masih bisa berharap untuk ending yang memuaskan.


Poeisi-poeisi Tjinta


Rivers on earth, stars in the sky
Beautiful things that you can not lie
And just like someone who is sweet and lovesome
Rivers and stars you can not bring home

What do you think? I made that poem impromptu after finished watching eps 1. Now that I read it again, it sounds.. like crap. ITS CRAPPY AS HELL. Oh well.

Anyway, Utakoi, atau Choyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi, jika ingin judul lengkapnya, adalah anime yang paling saya antisipasi sejak awal untuk season ini. Ketika news tentang anime muncul, sebagai seorang yang menyukai permainan kata (baik artistik seperti puisi atau lirik, maupun intelektual seperti cerita detektif dan misteri), tentu saja saya langsung hype. I mean, anime, the art of visual, dengan tema puisi, the art or words, tinggal dikasih the art of music sebagai BGM nya dan presto, imba sugiru result guaranteed. Sayang waktu trailer pertamanya muncul, saya agak kecewa dengan gaya visualnya yang dibawah ekspektasi. Coba anda lihat dan bandingkan dengan ilustrasinya, pasti anda sependapat.

what the style looks on the trailer

what the anime looks like

Yes, it still close enough, I know, but still.. DAT 16PX OUTLINE! UGHHHH

But, despite the art that makes this anime looks like a cardboard theater show, I have no complain about anything else. It went just as what I expect from a series about classic love poems. Depend on who you are, this show can looks like a cheap telenovela or a very insighful love story with literary dialogues.

If only you knew, people. If only you knew

The concept of poem were discussed (whether its seriously or just a joke) in eps 2 and I have to agree wholeheartedly. Language is something that sometimes annoying because of its unclear meaning and ambiguity but at the same time, you can make a multi intepretation poem because of that. Now excuse me I'm going to drink more Wedang Jahe Kalengan while creating more crappy poetry.

May we meet again in the next post


Zetsudou Sougi said...

OMG! saya baru nyadar NaTsuyuki Rendevous bisa disingkat jadi NTR!!

Fallendevil said...

Mungkin saya excited sama jinrui gara-gara liat spoiler nya... orz

Rmat2004 said...

saya malah suka gaya gambar kayak gitu (outline 16 px):v
dan sepertinya kalo gambar nya kayak gitu, background sama karakter nya digambar terpisah

minoru said...

Post apocalypse moe! Saya suka istilah itu.

Anonymous said...

why nearly forgotted :(
yang uta koi kyknya menarik

Orzmann said...

Eh, I think Jintai series is meant to make DEEP stuff don't fear so intimidating, hence people can absorb it more easily.

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