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First time in this blog: figma Sengoku Nadeko review

note 1: this post is entirely written in English because I want to show off to foreigner too in case a visitor from another country stumbled upon this and wants to read.
note 2: I'm not a pro at taking pictures, and my camera is not an advanced one, so please bear with the photo quality :3

Few months ago (I think its about half a year!) I preordered figma Sengoku Nadeko from a local hobby shop. And two days ago, after a long wait, it finally came, right on my weekend. Talk about nice timing. This is my second figma that I decided to buy after a long and decisive battle with another part of me who want to buy figma Tomoe Mami (I can only buy one due to limited budget). Both has their own charm, Mami is the epitome of big sis character and Nadeko is the opposite. Mami got those awesome classy muskets exhibition and twindrill (I LOVE twindrill, just look at this site's banner), but eventually I decided to buy Nadeko.

And no, if you think I choose Nadeko because of that loli/pettan/dfc things, surely you haven't see the papercraft I made.

Ok, enough for the intro, lets move to the main show.

The figma comes in a carefully wrapped box, with a big fragile label pasted on it. There's also the content written on the side of the box to inform the receiver (since I doubt the courier would understand what the heck is figma sengoku nadeko anyway).

Another shot taken from the opposite direction. Now you know what my first figma is. Correct, Suzumiya Haruhi (the movie/Kouyou HS uniform ver). I have a thing for blazer more than seifuku/sailor uniform. Yeah, that's probably breaking one of the main otaku commandment, go on, sue me.

Using a cutter, I carefully open the box (I just made a thin slice, fearing of making a deep cut, then open the rest manually) and was surprised to see that the box is wrapped in paper. Quite nice. But it didn't stop there.

Yes, behind the wrapper, there is another wrapper. Its wrappingception! I don't know whats the point of this since each wrapper is paper thin, but it sure make the "unboxing ritual" becomes more heart throbbing.

Aaaand, there it is, the long awaited figma. Ooh the joy. Quick, open youtube and play a fabulous BGM from Star Driver or something. There's a little dent on the top of the box, I don't know if its from the shop or the courier, but I'm not that picky to whine just for a little defect such as that. The box would be placed beside the other figma box on the shelf and no one would pay much attention to them.

Well, now, what we've got here? like the other figma, it comes with some extra parts. I'm quite satisfied with this one, the Haruhi got, in my opinion, a very sucks extra; a sleeping bag. Nothing much I can do with it, except maybe cosplay her as caterpillar, a bloody caterpillar to be precise (since its colored in red).

But this one, it has awesome extras that since the first time I saw the promotional pictures on the official site, I can already imagine just how fun it can get with those parts. Yes, its one of the reason why I finally decided to buy Nadeko over Mami. First, it has two jackets! one for the for static pose and one for dynamic pose (or windy environment). There's also an extra arm and hand, which is quite a gimmick (it even got an instruction for it). There's also the hat, but of course its just natural for a Nadeko figure to comes with her hat. And last, another special hand, this time with a charm held on it. I'll write more about all this extras along with the photo taken below.

Let's start with the easy pose. This is the charm I'm talking about. I can't think any other use for that right now so I just casually pose it with the blushing expression.

I-Its dangerous to go alone! Take this, onii-chan.

Quite moe, huh? Now let's take another pose and put the jacket and her hat with the bright smiling face.

Ohayou gozaimasu, onii-chan.

Hooooh.. The moe is multiplied! This is why I like figma. You can pose and modified the attributes and ended with a vast combination of results (and figmas are waaay cheaper than those wallet killer PVC figurines). Of course the same thing can be applied to nendoroid, but I'm just not into the cutey charm of nendo.

Speaking about the stand, I was surprised when I realized that its a bit different than Haruhi's. It got one more joint. Maybe the new figmas are getting this kind of stand? With this new stand, you can get a more complex angle and it feel a bit higher too. With a bit of modification, you can also turns this into a street lamp model.

But you know what? turn out that some pose didn't even need a stand! I tried making some and as long as its simple and not too unbalanced, the weight can managed on its own.

So it has come to this...

Just wait there... Nadeko is going to save you, onii-chan!

Yeah, that's one hell out of character there, but that's what I like from posing. And that dynamic jacket is pretty badass. Its like a cape. But that's from the back-view, what if we want to make a badass Nadeko from the front-view?

Yes, its the hat. If you use it to cover the upper part of her face, you can make those serious anime expression.

As I said above, the additional joint in the stand helps a lot if you want to make a high elevation pose.

Ok, enough with the badass action scene, time for moe moe heartwarming reunion.


Now we're moving to the second awesome gimmick, the what I called "cute stretching hand" part. To do this, the arm must be removed first. Another funny gimmick, if you remove one hand and put the jacket on, she'll become one handed warrior like The Condor Heroes

Nadeko's pedobear killer technique: fireball!
Mmmm.. tasty bear steak..

After replacing the arms with the special arms for the stretching hand, the ultimate pose is completed.

umm.. etto ne.. ano ne..

Yes. But that's not all! yes, there's still more. There are TWO kind of stretching hands! The other one is supposed to use for this pose.

Look! even the picture on Facebook is nosebleeding!

Put her hat and jackets on, and you get the melancholic yet cute girly walk pose


But! but! that's still not all! the first stretching hand might resulted in awkward pose if you put it on the back, but not the opposite! you can put the second stretching hand on the front, making yet another awesome pose.


Overall, I'm very, totally satisfied with my decision to buy this figma. There's still more to explore later, the combination of hands for example. The only thing I still want for more is, just like with the other figma, the faceplate. More faceplate means more expression to show. Smile, sad, fear, anger, serious, embarrassed, but I guess that's impossible. Ahaha. Well, now time to use the other figma I have to double to fun.

Hey, you! give us money! we need more money to buy more figmas!

I already gave a thought about this when I choose to buy Nadeko. There will be one extra jacket, and considering that Nadeko's jacket is a bit too big for her petite body, it might fit with Haruhi.

And yes, it really fits.

The static jacket unfortunately can't be put since it would conflict with her long hair, but, LUCKILY, the Haruhi I bought also comes with a short hair part.

Haruhi vs Mad Dog (GSC should make a Mad Dog figma)

If you didn't know who's Mad Dog, do yourself a favor and watch The Raid, its an awesome, kick ass movie. If you're looking for total action, you won't regret it.

And what about the opposite? Nadeko's head of course can't be put on Haruhi's body, the proportion is too different, but thanks to kid's head proportion, Haruhi's head can be put on Nadeko's body without making it looks too weird.

Actually, I dont' want to use violence but you asked for it..

Come at me, bro!!

Well, that's all I guess. I hope you enjoyed reading my review so far. And since I didn't do a figurine review for my figma Haruhi, I'll put some of the old photo here.

fan service inducing kick!

As you can see, I like figma because of the pose creation thing. If you're more into a creative person and didn't mind with the joint ruining the visual (though for me, the pose-able feat is more than enough to make up for it), I'd suggest you to try to buy one or two to display. It also help you pose for your drawing or modelling, though not all pose is possible.

Sometimes I change the pose depend on my mood and the atmosphere changes too.

The culprit is you!


And compared to nendoroid, figma has bigger scale, meaning if you're into making small model for figurine, like papercraft for example, its easier to make one for figma than nendo.

See you on the next review. I plan to buy figma Inori so I might do a review again when it arrives (the gun would be awesome to do some Gun Fu action) while keeping my eyes for another interesting figma to appear, I still hope GCS would make a sword wielder with boobs and megane figma *hint* Kisaragi Saya *hint*


Feischmaker said...

the two consecutive photos of nadeko shot from back... awesome. I instantly thought of Ryougi Shiki

Neohybrid_kai said...

Ahahaha, dan yang di foto pertama itu tanpa stand berdirinya

Zetsudou Sougi said...

welcome to the new world of otakuness

Fallendevil said...

...what's this i dont even...

Psycho said...

Beli kamera beneran pliss.
Kalau gak salah ada Panasonic Lumix yang 800ribuan.
Nikon poket juga ada yang 800ribuan.

garaito said...

blog yang bagus kak...apalagi soal silau mennya XD

lanjutin dunk seri2 kaya gini. mayan loh bisa jadi penghilang stress :D

keep writing

(ngomen di tempat yang salah)

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