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Akibat Kebanyakan Main Game Point and Clicks

Kadang-kadang, ketika saya sedang random, saya sering dapat ide hal-hal yang gaje :v Karena saya tipe orang yang impulsive seperti Haruhi (meskipun sekarang dengan sedikit terpaksa jadi punya common sense), jadi kadang saya langsung melakukannya tanpa pikir panjang. Seperti wall of text di bawah ini contohnya.

Jika anda juga sedang random dan gak ada kerjaan, coba saja bikin seperti ini satu.


Okay, so your task in this chapter is to makes the tshirt design comes into production. This is quite easy but if you didn't go with plans, you'll ended up doing meaningless thing like online all day long or wandering aimlessly in town which will consumes your [GASOLINE] useless. First, use [EXAMINE] on your phone, you'll notice that there's new message in your inbox. Read the message then choose [I'll go ask tukang sablon first]. A new subquest will be added to your quest menu. Now you will need to go outside but before that use [ACTION] on your computer and select [ADD TORRENTS TO TORRIFIC] choice to get [QUEUED TORRENTS LIST] so you can have the files ready to download later in [WARNET DEWA]. Note: if you select [CHAT] you can chat with others character. Also, you can see that Catherine is online but there's no point on talking to her right now. Anyway, leave your room, take the [KEY] on the table, put it in on your inventory, then use the [EXAMINE] icon on the cupboard. The [HELMET] will appear. Take the [HELMET] and go outside.

You'll notice your [MOTORCYLE] is there, but DO NOT use the [KEY] on the [MOTORCYCLE] yet. Go to the left of your house to your neighbour's, use [EXAMINE] icon to [NEIGHBOUR'S YARD], you'll notice that there are two [CATS] standing and playing on the ground. Use [ACTION] icon on the cats, and they will follow you to your yard. Now go back inside your home and head to [KITCHEN], use [EXAMINE] icon on the [TABLE] to get [LEFTOVER BONES]. Go back to outside and use [LEFTOVER BONES] to the [CATS].

NOTE: The above subquest is optional, it doesn't effects the plot or gives you any item, but you'll get to see FMV of cutes kitteh meowing and munching food, which is nice.

Now, use the [KEY] on the [MOTORCYCLE] and use the [HELMET] on yourself. Finally, use [ACTION] icon on the [MOTORCYCLE] and you're ready to go. The [TSHIRT ATELIER] is on the north east but first you need to have the [MONEY]. Note: if you try heading to the atelier without taking [MONEY] first, you'll see hilarious scene. Anyway, head north until you see [I-MART]. Be careful not to hit any pedestrian on the way. Once you get there, park the [MOTORCYCLE] and walk toward [BUILDING]. Use [EXAMINE] on the building and the [ATM] icon will appear. Don't use [ACTION] icon on the [ATM], but use [EXAMINE] icon instead. You will notice that the machine is currently broken. Note: if you use [ACTION] on [ATM] rather than [EXAMINE], you will see a hilarious scene which would makes you looks like an idiot. Go to [MAN IN UNIFORM 1] and use [TALK] icon. Choose [ATM] from the [TOPIC LIST], he will explain to you that the machine is currently on the maintenance. Go to [MAN IN UNIFORM 2] and use [TALK] icon, and select [ANOTHER ATM] from the [TOPIC LIST]. He will tell you that there's another [ATM] on the north of ringroad. A new place has been added to the map. Head there. Note: if you didn't talk to [MAN IN UNIFORM 2], you have to go a long the way to south to get to another [ATM].

Time for another explorasion. Head north until you see the [SHOP'S SIGN]. Note: do NOT EVER continue riding when the [RED] light is on. You must stop. Otherwise, a giant truck will appears from left and hit you when you cross the street and you'll get GAME OVER INSTANTLY. Park your [MOTORCYCLE] on the parking lot and [EXAMINE] the [BUILDING], you will notice that there's no [ATM] there, but don't panic. Go to [MBAK-MBAK RANDOM] in front of the building and use [TALK] icon to her. Select [ATM] from the [TOPIC LIST] and she will tell you that the [ATM] is inside the [BUILDING]. Note: you can also try ask another topic from the [TOPIC LIST] but only if your character's courage are 200 pts or above. Anyway, head to the [BUILDING] again and use [ACTION] icon to the [DOOR] and go inside. The [ATM] is near the door. Take the [CARD] from your inventory and use the [CARD] on the [ATM], it will ask you for password. Remember the six [NUMBER] you read on the early chapter? put that on the text box and the machine will give you [MONEY]. Put the [MONEY] on your inventory and you're ready to go to [TSHIRT ATELIER]. Leave the building and your phone will ring. use [EXAMINE] on your phone to see your [INBOX]. You'll notice that its from Katherine. Choose [REPLY] no.2 [Sorry. I'm busy right now]. Head to the east.
Note: Choosing that choice would probably made Katherine's heart gauge dropped by one bar, but you have to do it if you want to finish the task, otherwise you have to start all over again the next day. Also, I'm saying probably because on my second playthrough her heart gauge didn't lowered at all. Its really weird. I think its a bug.

Anyway, after some mini game that involves you dodging another motorcycles, you'll arrived at the [ATELIER]. Use [ACTION] icon on the [DOOR] to knock. It will open. Go inside. Use [TALK] icon to [TUKANG SABLON], select topic [ORDER], use [FLASHDISK] to him, then use [TALK] icon again and select topic [DESIGN], finally, use [MONEY] to him and he will give you [RECEIPT]. Put the [RECEIPT] in your inventory. Use the [TALK] icon again, this time select [TSHIRT SUBQUEST] from [TOPIC LIST]. Use [FLASHDISK] again to him then use [TALK] icon and ask about [PRICE], then [MATERIAL], then [NEGOTIATE], and finally [TIME], you will get [NOTES]. Use [NOTES] to the [PHONE] and you'll be sending reply message. Another subquest is completed. Now head back to the west, but don't go home yet. Drop by at [WARNET DEWA] first. CAUTION: on the way to [WARNET DEWA], there will be a [CRAZY DOOD] riding motorcycle trying to cross the street without looking at your direction. You must PRESS THE CORRESPONDING BUTTON THAT APPEARS ON THE SCREEN WITH THE CORRECT TIMING! (I didn't know what happen if you missed since I have good reflex, but I think you will ended up crashing with that CRAZY DOOD). After some epic FMV and that CRAZY DOOD left, you'll hear your character saying 'WAT.THE.FUKKK.WAS.THAT?!!' and you'll continue your way to [WARNET DEWA]. Park your [MOTORCYCLE], then go to [RECEPTIONIST]. Use [ID CARD] to get [PASS CARD]. Go to the [PC] with the same number in the [PASS CARD] (it's randomly generated) and use [ACTION] icon to login. Combine [DOWNLOAD LIST] with [QUEUED TORRENTS LIST] to get [DOUJIN PACK DOWNLOAD READY LIST]. Use [DOUJIN PACK DOWNLOAD READY LIST] to [PC] and you'll start downloading. You can play [MINIGAMES] or [CHAT] while waiting the download to complete, though it does nothing to boost your stats. Also, don't bother looking for Catherine since she won't be online until night comes. When [DOWNLOAD COMPLETE] appear, use [FLASHDISK] on [PC] to get [BUNCH OF DOUJIN AND STUFFS]. Choose [LOGOUT], then use [MONEY] and [PASS CARD] to [RECEPTIONIST] to get your [ID CARD] back. Congratulations, you have finished Chapter #9855! You can use [BUNCH OF DOUJIN AND STUFFS] to recover your bad stats and lower your stress tension meter (only work in night time) or you can view the contents on the [GALLERY] in [OMAKE] menu.


minoru said...


(Tapi kirain tadi ini reviewnya Bastion)

Zetsudou Sougi said...

.............walktrough of life indeed
dibikin RPG aja sekalian
siapa tahu booming

Zetsudou Sougi said...

nggak ding
aslinya saya mau bilang
kurang kerjaan banget

Fallendevil said...

this is totally fabolous max

Anonymous said...

Creative indeed

kagami said...

Seizon Senryaku shimashou ka?
buat game of life ini

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I can haz leftoverbones? :3

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