Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Laskar SOS Rilis B★RS sub Indo, Nekogami rilis B★RS T-Shirt

I'll post this in English since there's a possibility that fans from overseas come to read this post.

I know BRS from Supercell's song (huge fan of him). Sure, the song itself is not my most fave (I'd still prefer Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, Koi wa Sensou or Usotsuki no Parade) and BRS design itself (loli twintail with bikini and sword) is not that special. But the other character in Huke's BRS world is awesome and at least she's fighting a cool gothic girl with a sexy legs, not ZOMBIES.

But it turns out that the anime is.. well.. what should I say, didn't match my expectation. Rather than having a full lenght OVA quality kick-ass action scene, we get two yuri loli and their mundane slice of life, which is a genre that I'm not quite into (just look at the labels on this blog, you'll know what kind of show I watched). But hey, who am I to protest? I'm just a poor leecher with limited yet expensive bandwith, downloading anime because that's one of few media that I can enjoy, intellectually and entertainingly.

 Do you know that B★RS makes >_< face when she falls?

So I think why not just "take it easy" and make some kind of parody of it. FYI, my blog are famous for its over the top hilarious parody, sometimes crisscrossing the anime reference/fandom/trends/meme with the current local fads and phenomena, or the currently depressing state of my country (thanks for the inspiration, Zetsubou-sensei), and sometimes spitting sarcasm remarks about DESIRE and romantic relationship (thanks for the inspiration, Ushiromiya Kinzo, ..and xkcd). I also love to throw in fetish fuel as spices in my post 'w'

Ah, right, the main course. Sorry for the blabbering. Here you'll find a pack contains three subtitles, one in English and two in Indonesian language. The English sub, of course, is a parody sub, or troll sub, or crack sub, whatever suits you. As for the Indonesian sub, one is a proper sub and one is.. the opposite.
(subs only, compatible with Mazui and Zero-raws)
Credit for timing goes to Carbon, because I use their timing. Also, Mazui for a better translation reference.

There's also a folder contains fonts that you have to install first. To install it just copy and paste the fonts into the fonts folder in Windows or Control Panel (for windows, I don't know about other OS).

While we're on it, I also would like to announce that for this month we release B★RS T-Shirt. This is usually just for fans in Indonesia but my friend told me how to ship overseas, so if you're interested click the shopping box on the top right corner.

Well, unexpectedly this post becomes more emo than I tought, but rest assured, you'll forget my rants soon as you watch the OVA. Enjoy.

Now you know why DM stepped back in fear


j20lawliet said...


ternyata sub troll beneran

furei kinoko said...

asyik, bonus! You're perfect, man! *tepuk-tepuk pundak*

Neohybrid_kai said...

tambahan: versi Indonesia sama English terjemahannya ada yang beda lho, yang indo lebih ke konteks lokal, jadi kalo mau full experience, coba nonton dua2nya 'w'

Aya-chan said...

Saya denger dari teman saya yang udah tau dunia BRS dari jaman ilustrasi Huke doang, sebenernya seharusnya Mato dan Yomi itu kakak-adik dan Yomi harusnya ikut terbunuh waktu DM mati karena Yomi berniat ngehancurin dunia ato apa.

Memang banyak yang kecewa ama anime BRS....karena katanya dunia BRS di ilustrasi asal Huke itu lebih kompleks daripada yang ada di OVA.

subs only huh...saya gak ngerti caranya, pass @_@

Neohybrid_kai said...

Anda pakai player apa? kalo media player classic tinggal tekan ctrl+L, kalo Kmplayer pakai alt+O 'w'

>Yomi harusnya ikut terbunuh waktu DM mati karena Yomi berniat ngehancurin dunia ato apa.

Yoga Perdana Putra said...

kalo sama versi sub english yg dari DVD asli itu kompatibel gak ya?

Neohybrid_kai said...

Itu subnya punya group mana? dicoba aja.

minoru said...

kai finally goes international !!
cheers to that!

Yoga Perdana Putra said...

@kai: dari officialnya BRS.. kan mereka merilis DVD dengan subtitle 7 bahasa. sek tak cobane.

saihamaru said...

"latihan meremas b00bs"
quoted for overflowing epicness

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