Saturday, July 25, 2009

OH SHI- I forgot to blog about this episode!

Worst episodah evarr. Our goddess' fashion is so lame in this episode, except for her "LOVELY BIKINI" (literally, see picture below) and hot blue tank-top, which proves that Haruhi's is BIGGER than Horo. Padahal Haruhi is only 16 and Horo the waifu is OVER 700 years old!!!

see, Haruhi is *this* big

and Horo...

Hei, don't blame me for analyzing something trivial like this, fellow. The damn episode is playing againn and egeinn, tidak ada yang bisa dibahas lagi dari plotnya. I don't want to write about how the underwater scene in pool is like Kyon and Koizumi yaoi stuff (ohshi-- now I did it). Meh, let's just sing this:

Sampai kapan kau gantung
Cerita ENDLESS EIGHT, memberi harapan
Hingga mungkin ku tak sanggup lagi
Dan meninggalkan dirimu.. KYONANI


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