Friday, May 15, 2009

Pandora Heart 06; awesome sugiruu!

forget about pizza, back to KFC nao

I keep thinking about this show. Except for its music, Pandora Hearts really does have no other special feat. But why do I like it very much to be on the first watch priority. And then I realized, yes it must be because of the heroine. But then again, Mio is hot but why do I don't get the same appeal from K-ON. Here's my thought :

first) Because it's been so long since I watch adventure action anime. And Pandora Hearts hold those simple premise. Just action and adventure. No moe or fanservice overload, no slapstick, no boing (ok, maybe it would be good to have a little of this, just a little, not twice every five minutes).
second) The creature design. Is totally gothic. period.
third) Adequate moe theory; I know the word adequate is totally subjective but like I said in previous post, ts good to have a semi-serious show that sometimes one or two humor or fanservice scene appear. You can only feel gratitude when you have few.

Then again, I'm very picky about anime. If this series starts losing its attractiveness, I'd drop it in second just like what I did to hundreds of title ^^


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