Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kemurungan Suzumiya Haruhi episode 05-06 released!


As usual, checkout main page to download.

In eps 05, Itsuki talks about anthropic theory. I spent some times to read the reference but the actual difficulty is how to stuff all those concept and explanation into short lines (this is where I find that translating in fansub is not just about translating, maybe I'll make a post about this in Tabikarasu). Anyway, I hope my translation is good enough to make you entertained.

Tolong siapapun, jelaskan pada saya kenapa KyoAni bikin keyframe adegan ini seperti ini?
fokusnya itu loh, fokusnyaaa..

Memang. Ya mau gimana lagi?

Now for eps 06. This is the climax (heh, gotta love this word, lol) episode for Melancholy arc. I had to edit and recheck the line over and over just to get the "feel" and "emotion" right. Can't help it, you know? as a big shipper of HaruXKyon I feel that this episode is the highest epitome of the first season. Not too mention the epic line on this episode. I tried hard but I still feel that some lines are cheesy especially the on last/date part, gaaah!

Btw if you open the sub using Aegisubs, you might find some stupid remarks or translator note on some lines XDD I already got the eps 07 raw and yep, its still part of first season. Meaning, I can still use the english translation as a guide (no I don't translate it directly, my japanese isn't perfect but I try to not just using english sub as the main source).


Aditya said...

Arigatou gozaimastaa for 5 - 6 Realease
moto gambate

GW pikir tadinya rilis Vid-subs taunya just subs

Two tumbs up

Neohybrid_kai said...

yea, its just sub
bandwith terbatas soalnya di sini ^^;

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