Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kemurungan Suzumiya Haruhi episode 03-04 released!

QCing done. Eps 03 and 04 are up. You can download it on the main page.

Now for the comment. Yep, if you're a true Haruhiist you must be realize that eps 03 is where Yuki talks A LOT! and not only that, she's talking SUPERDUPERCOMPLICATED stuff. I spent lot of time brainstorming with my friend (to scr, thanks bro) to make her speech still sounds so awesome in Indonesian language. And guess what? its actually not that hard. Yuki speak in almost no emotion language which is very easy to mimic, in fact, translating her line is almost like translating line using dictionary. No localization. Word to word. Plus, my friend educational background is IT so we get some term already officially translated to indonesianese.

Anyway Eps 05 and 06 is now being QC'ed, I'll probably release it tomorrow. Contrary with eps 03, in eps 05 Itsuki talks A LOT! and this time, it's my turn to use knowledge and reference to make his dialogue flows well in indonesianese. After that I think Ive catch up with the series and it"ll give me some times to think on how to upload the anime file, not just the subs.


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