Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hyouryu Net Cafe, I can see the ending!

Like I had said in my previous post, this season is full of good shows. Even dorama. Yep, I rarely watch dorama/live action except when it has a good concept or general ambiance. Nah, I never watch for the actor or actress. Except for Juri Ueno, I think.

I have to admit that the series' main premise is what hook me the most. A group of people suddenly find themselves in a completely unknown surrounding (not the past, future or some distinctive era, but its a "nazo no area" if I have to use haruhi-ish term) is not something new but what I like from Hyouryu is that its not focused on the survival, but its more on the mystery, the environment, and character relationship. The flow and ambience is more anime-like than dorama but like I said, I like this kind of dorama (Mei-chan, Celeb to Binbou, Nodame) than the normal dorama becoz normal drama don't have much of teh angst and emo compared to animu.

Actually its even more like eroge bishoujo game than anime. You see, there are various kind of heroines here; osananajimi, onee-san, the annoying gal, and even gothic lolita. Plus, if you had completed every route, you can unlock the mysterious yandere girl arc.

Second thing that I like from this show is that its only 20 minutes or so. Just like anime! For an anime-minded person like me, twenty minutes is kinda like a part of the biological clock. For example, if I have an appointment I'll look at my watch and divide the time left by twenty or twenty two minutes. That'll tell me how many episode I can watch before preparing my self to go. Or vice versa, if I have to rally some episodes, I'll divide that many episodes by three. That'll tell me how many hour I should spend in total. Uh, I wonder if this kind of lifestyle is normal..

Yep, call me too much watching Haruhi but that's my theory. The whole mystery thing must have something with the osananajimi girl (don't mind the banana btw, I just want to write banana for no reason). Other stuff like Tom Sawyer reference and the yandere girl I think is just something to bother the audience. Contrary to this post title, actually, I can't predict the ending. I just hope that its not too cheesy (why do most dorama ending are cheesy? oh wait, most of harem anime ending too)

The gothloli is another reason I watch this dorama. Too obvious, huh?

Too bad the fansub for this show is quite stalled (or moving very slowly? I don't know about the dorama fansubmosphere, is this a common thing in dorama fansubbing?) I can watch the show alright with my so so japanese language skill, but still can't say that I fully understand each dialogue.


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