Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to view (my) subs using other group release

I thought about making this post because with my connection, I have no plan to release the sub along with the anime file. Well, most of you probably have already know about how to view anime when the subtitle file is separated. If you have K-Lite codec pack installed, the directvobsub feature will automatically load the sub if the subtitle and the video file located in the same folder and share the same file name. Hence the easiest way is to rename the sub (.ass or .srt file) with the same name of the video file.

if the video file is
[FLR RAWS] Suzumiya Haruhi - 04 (1280x720 AC3 AVC H264).mkv
rename the sub to
[FLR RAWS] Suzumiya Haruhi - 04 (1280x720 AC3 AVC H264).ass

That's the basic. Now, what if the video file has a softsubs already? Well basically its the same with the above only this time, you have to turn-off the auto loading subtitle feature in the player (assuming you use MPC). Right click on the window, select subtitle and uncheck the "Enable" option.

If the subtitle won't appear you can try checking whether directvobsub enable the subtitle or not. Right click on the arrow icon on the lower left corner and choose "Show Subtitle".

You can also double click the icon to make the directvobsub box appear. This way, you can change the program setting, but don't ask me what are they for. Usually I just use it when I want to open another subtitle file.

one) There's an easier way, just press crtl+L in windows media player classic to load subtitle, however your media player classic setting must match with the requirement.
two) AFAIK fansub group always hardsubbing the opening and ending clip, which means that if you use a fansubbed video there will be two sub overlapping each other in the op and ed part.
three) Don't forget to instal the fonts required because if not the subtitle might not looked the way it should be.
four) Sometimes you may find the timing on subtitle is off. Meaning the sub is either too fast or too slow. For Haruhi I use FLR RAW so I don't know whether the sub works fine with other release/raw or not. Its not a big problem actually, you can use ctrl+I (shift times) in Aegisub to edit it. For now, I won't explain this in detils but I will make a post about this if there's demand.


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