Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eden of the Pandora, drifting restaurant in Paradiso...

But you know.. I'm a masochist

rather than playing with dolls... I'd rather play with Alice :3

And that's it? bang bang bang, enemy down. Loli Alice appear. And someone who like teh father of all rozen maiden appear, Gil you're raven! No, said Gil.. and then Gil was zombie.. and white Alice appear. I'm so like.. SUIGINTOU! Die Alice die! And so on blablabla... and finally Alice raep Ozu and they have twenty five children and live happily ever after. Wow! gotta love this super fast paced anime.

And somewhere out there, in a deserted place, the team finally found a mysterious box and.. it has a USB port on it?

...and gundam? its a gundam? I see.. that mysterious box before must be hard disk with 2TB of animu and eroero!! it really IS A TREASURE BOX!

SRSLY this dorama is getting awesome

..um, okay back to serious stuff

GIGI YOU'RE SO AWESOME, BRO! Great episode that took a deeper insight to Gigi character. I begin to like his character now. In moe, silent (mukuchi) character usually do silent just for no reason or just because it would look cute/moe/huggable/whatever but in this anime I can see the awesomeness that makes silent character shines. Next week we're going into the baldie oldman arc I wonder how they would put such a melancholy in his character (or, perhaps he's the only one with cheerful aura?)

Hey, long time no see, Mayama XDD
Oh wait, since this episode took place inside a mall,
and there's a glasses person, could it be that its...
PERSONA 4? watch out for random battle!

And the song? did you hear the insert song? the insert song!!!!! damn its one of those "River of Crystal" (Innocence) "Sail Away" (The Sky Crawlers) again! to bring such a song into a tv series! *exxxploodes* Someone at animesuki with a good observation has found that the song lyric is the text that floating in the episode, here's the transcript:

I saw you in Heaven
and heard of your glory
You saved our world from the fallen angels
I saw Messiah standing,
Standing before me with no words
Nothing but "Hope".
When we lost dread, a Demon was laughing
But now you are showing us wonder
Giving your love
With awe, down on my knees again
I've got to know you're the one,
The only one reveals the world

The King has come!
To lighten up our feet
The King has come!
To save us from the dark
Who could ever doubt? We have faith

Let me walk with you when I'm lost in the wild
I know you always lead me to another Eden
Let me bless your name, O Lord, O Lord!
Your words will never fade away
Since we believe you're the light on earth
Reveals the world

btw I don't understand, why does everyone seems to hate this character?


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