Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eden got a hot babe, Sunred ended, loli in Paradiso, and more..

Yeah, and now, after "power" and "society"
we got a new element; "love triangle". Good job!

The fifth episode of Higashi no Eden is out. I think there are already lots of experts out there already analyze, examine or do whatever insightful to this wonderful anime but I feel like want to write mine.

Aside from the brilliant gaming concept, Eden is cleverly satirize not only the current social problem but also the power of money, no, the power and money, to be exact. I find it interesting because in that anime the concept of "game" is something that emphasize the concept of "money". In the environment I live, where the gap between rich and poor is as wide as your widescreen anime resolution, I think what "money" holds beside a universal "power" is its "instant" effect. Now this two keyword; "instant" and "power" is very related with another keyword'; "youngsters". We already see how the "instant karma" has been executed very well in Jigoku Shoujo no I begin to relate with how the "instant cash" applied in Eden (whew I start talking weird again, lol. See? this is why serious anime IS bad, lol).

Now about the game. I always thought that there are two type of game; the genuine game and the adults game (no, not that eroge). The genuine game (yes, this is my own term) is something that you do to pursue the fun while the adult game is something that... how should I explain it, it's like the scene where Saki went to her interview.

So, what's the conclusion of this silly post regarding Eden? For people who will or have just entering society, taking a look on the view of adults or kids, senior or noob, win or fail, is as interesting as watching a battle between the emo-anti-hero versus teh hero of jasutisu. Quite frankly, I still can't grab any message form this anime because so far what I've seen when watching Eden is just the funny madness and the ohwow being filty rich is awsoem! sense. Its very different compared than when I watch "The Sky Crawlers", where I feel like hearing Oshii mocking the emo-ness of young people today right from the start till the end of film. Btw, following current fad, will there an unsencored version in the DVD?

Oh yeah, about the babe. Judging from her voice I think there's something wrong with that lady. She must be older than her look, or maybe a man o_o! Also, is this the first time I see a character with bishoujoish unnatural hair color in I.G anime?

Which taking us to anotherlady in the next first priority anime of mine.

Ristorante Paradiso

So far, Ristorante Paradiso is still maintain its distinguished aura. It seems that from eps 4 onward we'll enter some flashback episodes. Which mean that there'll be less oyaji-moe for few episodes ahead. Nothing much I can write about this anime because when watching this anime I just sit back and relaxing at the warm and cozy atmosphere.

Here you go, the loli. She's actually a gunslinger. Marzio is her fratello.

Suddenly! Out of nowhere references XDDD

(I think there's a similar scene in Marimite too?)

Time to visit the other mistress.

Pandora Hearts

Have watch the fifth episode. Light plot as usual. For those who still new with this kind of tsundere-centric heroine stories, this is my theory that, as far as I know, always works. One) When the heroine is uke, she'll get A+ from the creator and the rest of female character won't get no more than B. Two) This means that there will be no harem since in this kind of story worshiping one A+ girl is more preferred than having three B girl. Three) In extreme cases, except the heroine any other female that appear is/will become enemy.

Additional theory; Four) Once in a while, depend on the heroine level (the higher the rarer) There will be a scene where she looks defenseless. This, is what I believe, the real, nucleus of tsundere-moe. Not the overused blushing scene. Not the cliche line that started with "B-betsuni anta... etc". But it is the time when your idolized, ever-strong, independent female character looks so insanely cute that you want to "omochi kaeri~" her in second.

Remember, only in those kind of scene you are permitted to say...

(forgive the horrible editing)

Now for the secondary priority I recently watch, let's see... Guin finally got something decent to cover his crotch, Higepiyo backs to its manly roots (yay!), Finally there's a tsundere ojou-sama in Chii (and she wear nekomimi! wait, I thought that I had dropped this title?), Basara now has Nohime in action (I heard that there will be pizza hot? where?) as for K- ON... well... I don't remember any single thing from the concert except that Mio's pantsu proved my theory that every tsundere must be wearing stripes (oh, Haruhi is an exception, she's wearing light brown in the official guide book. Wait, since when I start remembering my favorite character's underwear color? orz )

Special last impression review; Astro Fighter Sunred

Sunred has ended (but rejoice, fans, because there will be a second season). I remember the first time my friend recommended this series to me, I 'm not too eager to try. I thougt that its would be a slapstick like hentai kamen that though funny at first but becomes monotone onward. But I was wrong. Sunred is not only gives a new meaning on tokusatsu parody but it has a clever sense of humor, with all the irony and (again) mediocre jokes. And not only that, this series also gives birth to a new popular quote; "Omae ga... korochu!"

The last episode is quite touching IMHO.
I'm almost crying while laughing at the same time.

I think this show deserved to be on the same level with DMC and Zetsubou-sensei for its smart way to makes us laugh at the current society (and sometimes, ourselves). Now that I think again, heroes like Mr. Sunred is sometimes underrated. People usually taken for granted the kindness from good people. Ah but that's just some irrelevant thought. Thanks ANBU for subbing the entire awesome episodes. Hope they will sub the second season too.

Mediocrity rules!


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