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Curtain Riser; Spring 2009 review (so far)

Yeah, an update. Actually I want to start the continual posting activity of this blog early April because it's Kinomoto Sakura birthday my hype after getting internet connection and the second season(?) of Haruhi-sama provides an overwhelming motivation to write, but my pc is dying (it seems that using internet is too exhausting for the machine) and it takes yet another month of payment to replace the old component with the new one to prevent it from snapping in the middle of work (believe me, snap is just cool for emo character and yandere, not electronic devices).

Ok, let's just get down to the post's main content. We already know (and see) shows that aired for this season. Starting from late March, every show now at least has aired their 4th episode, which, though not accurate, provide enough material to grasp the feeling and atmosphere in order to decide whether to take or drop.

First priority means MUST watch it soon as the raw came out (yea, I know its childish) with the exception that the anime doesn't contain heavy stuff -like Eden- with the exception of exception (is there a term for this?) if the anime contain heavy stuff but dropped by fansub -like Mouryou-
Second priority means that the show don't have enough drive to make me keep with the latest episode aired, but I still watch it.. or waiting several episodes until the show meets my expectation and then rally it.

Chi's Sweet Home
While I have to agree that Chi is cute, but a hundred episode of an ordinary daily life (by ordinary I mean there's no alien, time traveller and esper) of a kitten is just too much. And not too mention that I actually, uh, feel kinda eerie vith her voice.
verdict: not watching, how about Shamisen's Sweet Home instead? (we can get a scissor wielding loli as bonus)

Cookin' Idol.. something
A show that has a real loli on it. And the protagonist can cook.. while being an idol? Is she a cook or idol? aah, iraira suru!
verdict: not watching.

Marie and Gali? Mary and Galie? Mari and Galy?
Whatever, one thing for sure, this show is surreal. And goth. And twisted characters. I mean, a kick-ass Marie Curie, isn't that so fucking twisted or what? It also has physics, chemistry and all those difficult stuff. Definitely a show for ex-nerd who spend his highschool days studying text book and doing homework awesome people who watch heavy stuff like GiTS or Lain.

Is this also part of education?

verdict: watch, with strong priority (eventough it means that I have to convert each episode coz my PC can't handle playing it, what's with the enormous resolution and file size nowadays?)

Charade no Joke Mainichi
I think this show is for japanese. I'm not talking about the context, I'm talking about the will and dedication you need to check and download each releases everyday.
verdict: not watching. If there's a fansub that takes this title and they can handle the routinity, I'll salute them... next year.

Sengoku Basara
If there's one show each season that I watch solely just for the entertainment purpose, then this spring, that position is reserved by Sengoku Basara. Good visuals, stunning battle animation, and over the top humor that's stupidly funny. Also, KASUGA!! If Ouran is Bones ' sitcom then Basara is definitely I.G's.

verdict: second priority, and moar Kasuga plz?

Mainichi Kaa-san
uh... I have nothing to say about this
verdict: without a doubt, not watching it.

Please don't say you are LAZY, lets start and make a BABY. This season's new narcotics invented by the studio (almost) everyone had a love-hate relationship with. The ingredients and composition is cleverly designed to nab every otaku archetype. With moe opening and emo ending clip, it takes more than your normal amount of sanity to say "no!" to this franchise. Even I fall for Mio. I kinda reluctant though, to watch this turn out to be yet another "stalker-ish moe show" (my term to describe anime that has no guys on it and it gives the viewer satisfaction from watching a bunch of girls doing their stuff without making them aware of the observer's existence) until they stop playing with each other and start playin with teh muzic (with a "live a live" animation quality) But I guess it will appear very late.. or never. Yes, it would be interesting if Kyoani ended the show without any performance scene at all (you know that kind of "yeah, let's do it!" scene and then a big THE END word appear) just for the sake of watching raging fanboys.
UPDATE: after watching episode 5, I think KyoAni should make a prekuel instead, that sensei is WAIRUDO, you know?

pict is slightly related

verdict: second priority until the girls start doing serious bussiness. K-ON is not a female version of BECK, its a moe version of BECK (and no, NANA isn't a female version either, its basically just drama stuff)

Pandora Heart
Pandora Heart is my guilty pleasure of this season. The visual is not decent enough to meet my expectation. The plot is trying-too-hard-to-look-complicated-and-full-of-angsteh (read: lolconspiracy and everybody snapped just because it makes everyone looks cool. And the white haired guy cliche. You'll probably understand what I mean if you watched Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Kuroshitsuji last season).

But at last, at last, if this anime has to end like Kuroshitsuji, I won't have any objection
after took off his gloves, the butler then taking off his pants, and said..

* moral from this anime: if you're going to make a contract with demon, make sure that it's a girl

In Pandora Heart, you relate yourself as a blonde haired shota, worship your mistress, who (not) surprisingly has the same name with other 356,475 character in gothic anime, like to do shibari using metal chain and able to shape shift into a big bad bunny girl (with a scythe!) bearing a name that maybe has anything to do with the cup size of her bra. Awesome, yes? Yuki Kajiura is composering this anime and that makes another solid reason watch.

verdict: first priority, waiting releases with the same excitement of a kid on his first school trip.

Phantom requiem for the phantom by the phantom from the phantom with so much phantom on the title
Bee Train's usual stuff. Bullet and assassin, only this time it isn't yuri. Not that I have a problem with that, but La Bruja had me dissappointed and I heard that this show is an adaptation from eroge? Plus, Yuki isn't doing the music this time. I have no problem with the typical slow pace but if they can't handle the project/prophecy/book stuff like Noir or MADLAX, this would be just another stupid show.
UPDATE: watch episode 5, and it seems that I still have some hope left for this show to be good. The moral/emotional dilemma scene is presented in quite appealing scenes. I'm also interested with Ein's character since episode 4, not because of the moe charm, but the whole swapping identity mean swapping personality (or is it vice-versa?) is something that intrigued me. Go Bee-Train, go!
verdict: watch with a grain of salt, second priority. Expecting more conspiracy and/or magical realism as its progress.

Asura Cryin'
verdict: NO.

Stunning graphic but nothing more that. This show relies too much on its visual aspect IMHO, so until there's more than transformer playing street basket, this show will be on my second priority list.
UPDATE: Mou, gaman dekinai! I can't take it anymore. Not even with the boing loli appeal. Blame it all to Basara, satelight.
verdict: dropped.

Queen's Blade
Ah, the infamous Queen's Blade. Who can resist its temptation? the characters provides indecent eye candy in every frame. And the nipples. And the list of seiyuu will make you scream with joy. And the nipples. And the wide variety of characters is enough to cover every basic fetish in otakusphere. And the nipples.
verdict: not watching. too much ecchi for a show, too little ero for a fappable item. You might enjoy this anime if you're a premature ejaculator, I'd rather watch Ikusa Otome series instead.

Awesome anime about awesome chick. Not that kind of chick. It has mustache and beard but most of all, the humor fits my taste. Btw why are there so many short anime this season?
UPDATE: somehow, the later episodes isn't so funny anymore +_+ Down to second priority now
verdict: watch, second priority.

Hayate no Gotoku 2
Since the beginning, I'm not into hayate (yes, eventhough he's a butler). Nagi is too stereotype and I'm not into parody anime either. Maybe that explains why.
verdict: not watching.

Slap Up Party
Or Slapstick party to be more appropriate. RPGish anime with Gonzo's sense of humor. Nuff said.
verdict: is dat Sol Badguy? lol not watching.

Shin Mazinger...

I'm quite apathy toward mecha (super robot) and tokusatsu, and I don't bother trolling anything that doesn't interest me.
verdict: pass.

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S
Yet another moe fantasy. Why does eroge has to have a long title on it if its only to get shortened by its fans?
verdict: not watching.

Mecha Mote Inchou
Oh yeah, shoujo. I have a bit of iinchou fetish too (you know.. girl.. with power..) but why does the graphic makes it looks like 3D costum shoujo the animation?
verdict: its a pity but I have to drop it how about mecha mote kanchou instead?

Senjou no Valkyria
I shall blame myself for listening my friend's spoiler and watch the entire clip from the game back then when I never thought that the game would be adapted into anime, but other than that Valkyria is a worth to follow anime, nice graphic and not too overlol'ed, and it has tsundere with shotgun.
UPDATE: OMG! the manga is superior! again, I shall blame myself for reading the manga
verdict: second priority

Fullmetal Alchemist Brathahood
This is FMA, but in other hand its a remake. To tell you the truth, I hate remakes. There are still lots of manga/game/novel/light ovel out there has a potential to be a winderful show. No matter how good a remake is, you can't have the same excitement and curiousity you feel when watching the original.
verdict: dropped... until Envy appear

Konnichiwa Anne

...again, nothing to say. I think having one Erin to follow is adequate to supply this kind of anime
verdict: not watching.

Natsu no Arashi
I rarely on one frequency with SHAFT. Moonphase is amusing and zetsubou-sensei will forever be one of the inspiring anime to me (inspiring to be despair? ironically funny) but I don't like PPD and not watching Maria+Holic either. And Natsu no Arashi seems to fall in the second category.
verdict: not watching

Tears to Tiara
If this series' title is Tiara to Tears, would it make any different, I wonder?
verdict: not watching

More like gayblade to me.
verdict: not watching

An anime with strong GONZO aroma all over it. A true gonzo fans should know that it will get worse and sucks at the end. Then again, a true gonzo fans probably won't give a damn about that.
verdict: unfortunately, I'm not a gonzo fan. Not watching

Dragonball Kai
Watch this if you're a die-hard dragonball fans otherwise this show will make you feel very old... (I watched DBZ when I'm in grade school, time sure is moving fast...)
verdict: unless I have a potion for eternal youth, not watching.

Cross Game
If I don't realize that this is an Mitsuru Adachi's Cross Game, I'd tought that its a yaoi anime, lol. I don't know, there's something with the title that ring a yaoish feel on it. The opening song is good though.
verdict: not watching. Can't stand the picture.

Hanasekeru Seishounen
Is this gyaku harem? I just watched the first episode and, while the premise of gyaku harem seems more logical than harem show (to me, at least). But learning from my experience with La Corda, gyaku or not gyaku I now reject both (there is always exception though, if its a pseudo-harem in SHnY or Yakushiji Ryoko or pseudo-gyaku-harem in Shugo Chara or Ouran)
verdict: I always curious because harem ending in eroge means 3/4/5/nth-some, does gyaku harem in otome game means g**gb**g scene? not watching.

Tayutama -kiss on my deity-
Maybe if they make it into Tayutama - kiss on my ass- instead..
verdict: not watching

Jewel Pets
Omae ga korochuu!!, wrong anime.
verdict: not watching

Guin Saga
Ah, finally a REAL RPG anime without slapstick, tentacle, or online game reference. The art is stunning, we rarely get this kind of thing in the moe era like now, the battle flows fluid, without speak-your-jutsu-before-attack or here is some good still pictures of your favorite characters doing cool moves. Nobuo Uematsu also did a splendid composition for the music. The only thing that keeps me uneasy is when I learn the fact that the novel is still running with over than hundred volume. At least if the anime going to end in original way, I hope they can make something epic (not like Claymore)
verdict: watching, second priority

There's a theory that states that nothing will turn out bad if you mix moerori with.. basically anything (especially if you make them wear no skirt). Saki is yet another one of Gonzo's artillery for this season. And it does hits hard.. at least that's what I conclude from watching my friends who suddenly learn to play mahjong. Oh wait, why don't they start learning to play guitar or bass and form a band instead?
verdict: not watching

Full course bishie buffet guaranteed to satisfies your appetite, if you're a fujoshi, that is. How dissappointing, can we swap DEEN to make Pandora Hearts and XEBEC to make this anime?
verdict: what a wasteful aesthetics, I like bishies... but this is just too much.

Soten Koro
A friend of mine provokes me to watch this anime because one, its not "yet another moe-ized Romance of Three Kingdom" and two, it tells the story from Cao Cao POV (he said this while referring to Lulu the emo-peror). So I gave the first episode a try and it turns out pretty good. There's also additional omake about two girls who advertise their idol video and while I don't get where the heck the connection is but it sure is an adequete supply to refresh your view after watching all those blood and garrr
verdict: second priority

Sugar Bunnies Fleur

If you don't have enough courage, I recommend you to stay away from this show. Watching this anime drives you insane. It makes you want to bang your head on the wall. Srsly. This show is just for the brave souls.
verdict: *shudder* can't stand it. too scary.. Elfen Lied is nothing compared to this.

Ristorante Paradiso
This.. this anime.. this.. incredible anime.. is not just about having the right atmosphere I've been looking so long since Bartender ended, but also has a strong drama and type of romance which rarely covered in anime. Ristorante Paradiso solely stands amongst another anime because of its different aura and its sure does compensate my dissappoinment from Antique Bakery coz it proves that otomen aren't yaoi
verdict: ikemasen, komarimasu.. I musn't.. drop this anime, lol. Btw in the ending clip.. is it me or when the teddy turn around, it looks like he's licking.. er, never mind.

Eden of The East
With or without fans' opinion, Eden is no doubt a great show. The brilliant concept, visualized by the right studio and chara designed by the right artist. Me and my friends, each of us watching this anime with different perspective but nobody have any objection. Meaning that the combination is acceptable for any kind of fans. Another title that I will gladly recommend to the mainstream (mainstream people not mainstream anime fans)
verdict: hey, juizu, can I make this awesome anime as my first priority for this season?

Hatsukoi Gentei
Rejoice, drama anime fans. Nope, not because this time J.C makes something about highschool for us to get nostalgic upon (without girl wearing funny dress or wielding fiery katana), but because anyone looking for emotional dramatic story won't have to wait with high hope just to get yet another cheesy conclusion episode, like what they did to Kimikiss pure UGH and TRDR ("too rong didn't read"). Yep, this time, right from the first episode you can tell that this show is just a light standard shounen drama with highschool girls parade and the usual perverted jokes. Rabucom and ecchi. But does that make Hatsukoi a bad show? definitely not. The soft color and beautifully drawn character make this series stand out from the rest. For those who loves kisaragi gunma prefer bijin style over cutey moe probably would be satisfied watching this anime just for the eye candy. But for those who miss the wonderful way J.C Staff weaving a roller coast er-ish drama plot will know that this isn't their cup of tea right from the start.
verdict: Enjoy the pict from TRDR (which also can stand for "too rame didn't review") director's cut

That's all for the recap. The title written in large font doesn't mean that this blog pick it, but its more like a compliment for the show because of its uniqueness, breaktru' (queen's blade has successfully break the barrier between ero and ecchi), originality, freshness or simply overmoe'd the other moe show. Overall, despite my spiteful and spit-full comment, I feel that this season covered almost all genre in a good balance. Those who pursue moe gets their (eternal) thirst quenched by K-ON and Saki, I also get Basara to feed my taste of humor after Sunred ended. For action need there is Guin, and then Eden for the serious-but-fun (or vice versa) entertainment. Even my dissappoinment for Hatsukoi is already cured by Ristorante. Then what about bishoujo? After Rideback ended, its kinda sad because of no moar Rin hotness but this season we have Alice and Kasuga (and the female protagonist in Ristorante Paradiso too!) to keep my fanboyism alive. In general I feel content with the line-up of this season and I hope so do you.

Anime added to the list for this season:

first priority
Marie and Gali
Pandora Heart
Ristorante Paradiso
Eden of The East

second priority
Sengoku Basara
Phantom ~ Requiem for The Phantom
Guin Saga
Senjou no Valkyria
Soten Koro


Anonymous said...

[quote][b]Sengoku Basara[/b]
verdict: first priority, and moar Kasuga plz?[/quote]

I hope the ecchi-ness ended, this story is bout warlord theme ... not samoray x
( *die* kasuga *die* ... QB is moar than enough for this season XD )

[quote][b]Pandora Heart[/b]
moral from this anime: if you're going to make a contract with demon, make sure that it's a girl[/quote]

Roger that

[quote][b]Fullmetal Alchemist Brathahood[/b]
This is FMA, but in other hand its a remake.
verdict: dropped... until Envy appear[/quote]

Ew, so it's remake ... ah nevermind since I haven't see the first season

[quote][b]Tayutama -kiss on my deity-[/b]
Maybe if they make it into Tayutama - kiss on my ass- instead..[/quote]

lol, agree with that

[quote][b]Soten Koro[/b]
it tells the story from Cao Cao POV[/quote]

Didn't find de torrent at tokosoto, don't tell me ya eat it ... raw ?

[quote][b]Eden of The East[/b]
verdict: hey, juizu, can I make this awesome anime as my first priority for this season?[/quote]

Juiz :
"Nobless obligue ... sorry but it's seem your balance has reach ¥ 0 .
Don't worry, supporter will make it fast & no pain." ^^V

[b][i]My list this season : [/i][/b]
Asura Curry
Eden of the higashi
Fullmetal whateva
Queens Boing
Sengoku Oyakatasama

Neohybrid_kai said...

Asura Curry
Eden of the higashi
Fullmetal whateva
Queens Boing
Sengoku Oyakatasama

I bow down to your punny skill

Noblesse Obligue, let's continue become a hikki :P

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