Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When you walk the street, watch out for the light balls. It makes the dead walks again!

Some of you perhaps have already forgotten with the ending of Clannad, since it doesn't took almost two month just to wait the special episode, unlike what happenned with the first season. Oh wait, I forgot that the ending isn't in the 24th episode, but in the 23rd. Apparently the 24th episode is just a recap that showed another extra ending where Ushio reunited with her father and her mom (though it's only her voice that's remain) . And instead of Ushio, Fuuko died in her place (what? that's not what's actually happenned either? gosh, this anime is harder to understand than Ergo Proxy).

"I sacrifice my Fuuko Card to revive Ushio and summon Ethereal Mother Nagisa!"

So, eventhough I said that I adore AIR with all my life (sadly, I only have one) but just like other noob that said that they love KEY but never play the game, I also stuck with a great feeling of wonder after watching episode 23 (note that when I say wonder it means I really wondering about what the hell does the episode mean) and that's when my friend linked me to the infamous sankaku blog and its post about the ending theory.

So Tomoya is a time traveller, huh? Just like Asahina Mikuru, and does that mean that he may get the Toki wo Kakeru Shounen title now? (oh wait, Tomoya isn't a shounen anymore, so it should be, like, Toki wo Kakeru.. Goshujin?)

TL;DR This picture explains my theory that I believe is the truth

anyone with me?

I think I don't have to say that its the nature of anime itself that makes Clannad goes down from my expectation. I thought that KyoAni will dare to break the norm when taking Clannad arc further into married life. For a bishoujo game adaptation, that's such a breaktru. Because anime is a show with egoist character who has non-existent parents, and ended with just a kissing scene with a girl that after at least 12 eps finally realized her feeling to him, or vice versa. Because when I watch Clannad, I took it in a completely different approachment. AIR was surreal, dreamy and full of childish belief that part of it maybe will never come off from my mind. But Clannad is bright, down to earth and offering possibility to see the world as it is. You may ask, why don't I just watch Disney's movie or western superhero if I want to learn about family and value. The answer is no, because I don't want to be taught by those box office. I grew up along with anime and its the quote of anime that I'll give my ear permission to listen (the only movie that I watch and can say that it's good perhaps is Wall-e; because it has a sekai-kei feel to it.. or maybe just because eve is such a tsundere)

So I guess once again KyoAni just had me like what they did with Haruhi-chan that no matter how much I despise it, I still tempted to see the newest episode of it on Kadokawa's youtube page.

Just for a little additional info, while in the I-forget-what language, they say that Clannad means family, if you make anagram out if it, Lacnnad (laknad), in Indonesian language means "curse" or you can say that its something like baaaawwwww

That's it. Now, enjoy the real Clannad!

superior than KyoAni's.. not in the field of moe, of course


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