Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review barang-barang yang saya tonton pas tahun baru (bagian 1)

Yeah, I know sekarang sudah tanggal 8 dan memang postingan ini memang seharusnya di post sebelum tanggal 5 kemarin, tapi karena koneksi internet yang tidak stabil membuat saya males jadi baru saya post sekarang, hohoho

So, minna, apa yang kalian lakukan saat malam tahun baru kemarin? I heard that some of you went to Kaliurang. Me? I'm spending the night watching movies and reading books XD awesome isn't it? lololol. Actually, I stayed at my friend's house and had a small party. The next day, we went to Amplas to see if I can spend a day like a normal people (and guess what? I can. Well, at least for half a day because as soon as we went home I'm back to watching Kannagi and "reading" Hotmilk Magazine, yea)

Anyway, here's the list of stuff I consume in the last minutes of 2008 (and the early hours of 2009);
- finally able to get my hand on Higurashi no Naku koro ni live action
- read "Einstein's Dream", a novel by Alan Lightman
- watched a very super awesome Korean drama; "Love Phobia"
- watched "Twilight" in twenty one.

So, which one should I review first? Higurashi will need a lot of space since I'm a big Higurashi fans and yandere maniac. Einstein's Dream is better for a single post under blablabla my philosophy category later and
I want to save Love Phobia for later too (FYI by later I mean when I have the adequate supply of mood.. or maybe will never be posted at all) so, yeah, let's review Twilight first.

So it goes on like this. Beberapa hari sebelum December 31st, my friends decided to spend some of Nikkou's profit to make some vacation pada tanggal satu Januari. Jalan-jalan, ke mall, nonton film, dst, you get the point. Spend it in a child of capitalist way lah pokoknya. Awalnya saya tidak begitu sreg sih, bagian nonton filmnya, karena kecuali filmnya bener-bener bagus mending pinjem di rentalan saja (mending kasih mentahnya saja so I can spend it in an anime fanboy way XD) tapi saya pikir, its not a bad idea juga benernya, toh pas liburan juga dan saya juga belom pernah ke mall lagi sejak nonton The Dark Night dulu (wait.. itu berarti pas ultah saya, 30 Juli.. then its almost half a year?? O_O) Anyway, eventhough my friends is the one who made a plan, he actually didn't know either which movie we're going to watch. Pokoknya yang pas lagi diputer ntar lah, katanya. Wadaw, pikir saya, ya sudahlah asal bukan film horror saja.

Bahkan sampai tanggal satunya juga, saat jam setengah satu saya dan temen-temen saya sampai Amplas, masih sedikit kepikiran juga. Kalo yang ditonton Sky Crawler-nya Mamoru Oshii ato Kara no Kyokai-nya TYPEMOON sih saya no problem. Atau Byousoku 5cm nya Shinkai. Back to topic, if I recall correctly, ada empat movie yang lagi diputer, Twilight, Madagaskar 2 (not interested), Saus Kacang nya BCL (even more not interested) dan Asterix. (not too interested either). That means there's only one option, Twilight. So I asked my non-otaku friend what's that movie about and he's like, zomg you don't know its like, a very popular adaptation from a novel and so on etc, and I, like, wut, am I that hikki nao? But, when I seen the movie poster, I went, "Aaaah.. kore ka..." ya ya, I've heard about it on the board when some fangirls discussed about it. Ok, so if my memories serve me right, it's about vampire and though I didn't know whether the movies are good or bad but one thing's for sure, tema vampire tidak pernah jauh-jauh dengan gothic dan akhirnya dengan suara bulat semua orang setuju untuk menonton Twilight.

Nah, sekarang baru paragraf review, LOL. Tidak seperti pas nonton Dark Knight dulu, kali ini saya dapet tempat duduk dengan view yang cukup memuaskan dan ya ya ya, akhirnya saya tahu kenapa pas di dalam saya melihat kebanyakan rombongan cewek yang datang. This movie is FULL of bishies. And the plot, ohlol, I feel like watching an otome game adaptation. No I didn't mean to write a bad impression, its just, like, whoa, crossover of vampire knight and wolf's rain and hakushaku to yousei and princess nightmare. LOL. And with the stereotypical main heroine, this movie is very, very, shoujo. LOL. Ah, I understand now. LOL. So here goes the review;

plot (B)
Typical, I'd say. nothing complex, not much twist either. If only the role were reversed.. oh, yea, hawtie vampire girl oujo-sama FTW~!!

character (B-)
this one is also typical. lol, I swear that Bella is so like a main shoujo manga character. And the rash vs calm love rivalry? lol. Kaname-Zero, Edgar-Kelpie, Yano-Take, Yuki-Kyo, anyone? oh lol. very lol. You know, I lol'd a lot when watching this movie because this is a western movie and you can find A LOT shoujo manga stereotypical stuff everywhere inside it.

And just like I'm not a fans of Kaname, I actually not too impresed with Edward. The male character that I'd say awesome is Carlisle. Also, rather than the very tipical Bella, I'd prefer Alice instead (man, she's a hottie! come to think of it, so far, I haven't found a character named Alice that isn't awesome, hmm, maybe if I had a daughter I'd name her Elis XDD LOLOL) Also, the 3 person who came on the baseball game reminds me to persona 3, I mean, one naked man, one cool guy and a woman; Takaya, Jin and Chidori, anyone? LOL strega.

flow (A)
nice, though its doesn't have any significance twist and with a lot of so-so ness, but there's no scene that was dragged or got me bored. The baseball scene rocks, but the biology class and the use of intellectual reference on the romantic scene rocks even more .

cast (B+)
no, the bishies appeal won't work on me. not much eye candy from the main character but I guess with a typical main character what can you expect? the only visual cake is just Alice, but too bad she doesn't appear often =_=

music (C+)
I thought that I would get some gothic bgm? with choirs and chants? ah, but instead the bgm were dominated by instrumental guitar(?) track. Maybe because the story had to do with indian legend? dunno, I like the use of Debussy's Clair de Lune (Moonlight) and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, though.

if it was an anime, the most suited studio to make it will be:
Madhouse, of course. They can draw emo bishies better than J.C staff. Of course Bones and I.G can did it too, but this is just a light drama without some serious stuff, so I think Madhouse.

overall: B
good movie, but not something I'd watch if its not for free, LOL. I think I enjoyed watching this because of Alice XDDD oh, and it continues to the next movie? +_+ bawww, now I understand how people who don't know Higurashi feel when watching the live action, LOL

now this IS what I call vampire, yes?


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