Monday, January 12, 2009

A quick recap from C75

warning: NSFW pict in this post, if you feel offended then just don't read this post

Finally I get to lay my hand on the heap of 75th comiket doujinshiee X3
(only) 1.6 gigs total (yea, I know its far from the whole collection), 132 titles and it took me (only) one night to read 'em all. Phew, it was a "hard" work you know?

Secara garis besar (pengamat doujinshi mode ON), dari comiket kali ini tidak banyak doujin yang saya ambil (only 26 were saved, lainnya ke del, hohoho) daripada C74 musim panas kemarin (yang cukup banyak ter-save, sekitar 40an). Meskipun hal ini sangat mungkin disebabkan karena kebetulan saja batch yang saya dapet isinya doujin yang jelek-jelek smua, tapi menurut analisa saya hal ini juga bisa jadi karena title-title major pada komiket ini, Kannagi, Toradora dan To Aru, dua diantaranya saya tidak begitu berminat (I don't watch To Aru and while Toradora anime is awesome but Taiga doesn't have enough hotness).

Kemudian bagaimana dengan prediksi doujin pada comiket yang akan datang? Jika kita melihat pada pergerakan trend yang semakin menguat ke arah moe maka dimungkinkan pasar eroero akan mengalami.. halah XDD

Anyway, if I have to pick one as the dark horse on C75 doujinshi, this will be it. Floriography ~Dendrobium~ by Tooru Mizutani/ Crank In. I never heard about this circle before but his work is amazingly awesome.

see what I mean?

I wonder if there's more work from this doujinka. Judging from the title, this could be a part of a series. FYI, dendrobium is a name of a flower (NOT gundam). Its flower name means "wagamama bijin" or spoiled, beautiful girl. Of course, it also has another representation such as purity, genuine, gallant, sympathy and sincerity but in this doujinshi, I think the first meaning suits very best, deshou?

btw, from all the circle I have on my list, I still didn't find Komori Kei/Kemokomoya on the pile. Gotta off to /h/ (again) nao.

edit: found it, turn out to be Toradora doujinshi but instead of Taiga, it's AMI! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!


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