Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yea, people. I'm back.. again

Hm.. looks like someone is snap and decided to do blogging again XDD is that a good news or bad? Anyway, December is never be my lucky month, or not until now at least. This year, after nine years of long and weary battle, I finally got to the point that I will never get to "that side" now matter how hard I strife for. "Those who think of win and lose is already lose from the beginning" OH SHI-- I watched too much eternally fail : a tale of mellow die

ef: the MOST inspiring, positive and motivating anime. EVER
the fire effect is awesome, more than those in Cossette. Good Job, mister Shinbo.

Oh, but of course I won't kill myself, or at least not until I found an AMV that is more superior, more powerful and more providential than this one.
Anyway I finally decided (again) to post some new stuff, but after watching the new layout maybe you'll get a feeling that I'll let the content loose now. Yep, Tabikarasu will now do the post in a more hardcore way. But enough talk, lets the party begin. And to celebrate this let's listen to moar linkin park review some animu first.

Laknat after stories

BEST scene in this series. EVER
Ada sebuah feel mono no aware-ness yang tidak bisa dijelaskan ketika KyoAni menswap bolak-balik antara scene conversation dengan ini, atau mungkin sang director baru saja mendengarkan lagu klasik yang liriknya "..malu aku malu pada semut merah yang berbaris.. dst" Whatever, point is, its totally rocks, KyoAni sure is  awesome when they finally getting serious. The flag is finally raised, Yeah, only few episodes left till Tomoya went listen to Linkin Park.


(probably) BEST scene in this series. EVER
Sure Nagi is hawt, but Nagi onee-san is much much hotter. I see that the fanservice for fujoshi is getting bold too. I have no complaint regarding that. Still, Kannagi is not something that I expect a lot for the plot. The drama is too weak. Definitely not for my dark hour time slot But if there would be moar naked Jin and sexual harassment in the future, I'll reconsider this show's worth.


Fuck, toradora is gold. As I wrote (link) here, this anime has A LOTof potentials. It has tsundere and dorama. Tsundere is win and dorama feel so good. KIMOCHII!!

Shugo Chara

Is WIN. All the female character is fappable, the nazo to batsuchara change is DEEP and phylosophical (lies). It has thought provoking concept too and there are a lot of psychological aspect that is not intended for children and underaged audience (lies). In fact, Shugo Chara is full of complicated stuff about zen and enlightment that can only be understood by a person with high intelectual skill and stable mentality (lies).

Hakushaku 'n Yousei

Meh, this show is actually full of girl's vanity and egotism, but why do I can't help but following the series? I guess maybe I just want to see somebody died in the near end of series. It maybe Kelpie but I wish it's the earl. Girls.. they never satisfied till someone break one's back, don't they? truly a racun dunia indeed.

Jigoku Shoujo 
is full of crap recently. Sure it still has its twist and stuff, but its not as dramatic as the earlier season. The stupid concept of Ai possessed a girl's body made the scope of victim become less smaller. It looks like all the victims are student now, it used to have a WIDE variety of grudge for everyone in every age, but now?

That's all for nao, I think I'm going to sit back and watching the third installment of Eve no Jikan, expect moar phylosophical blablabla in a few days.. or more.


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