Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What the? Saya baru tau kalo Yiruma itu cowok O_O

Ever heard about this pianist? Dulu, duluu sekali, ketika bumi masih belum terbentuk dan baru berupa hamparan debu kosmik di luar angkasa yang pekat, saya punya hobi yaitu... menulis diary. Fast forward beberapa puluh ribu tahun ke depan, hobi saya mengalami pergeseran menjadi menulis fanfic dan setelah saya bertemu dengan mister black-seiba hobi saya bergeser sedikit lagi menjadi kinetic novel script writing (wannabe, cos till now there are none title that have been published). At those time, there is this song that I used very often when it comes to write an emotional scene. Well of course I also like to use another artist with the same aura, like Vienna Teng or Shibata Jun and Suga Shikao. But when I need a vocaless tracks, Yiruma is the best. I can listen to Yiruma for all day long just like how otaku listens to doujin music from comiket. I don't know when or how I ended up having one of Yiruma's album, Love Scene, in my mp3 folder and I almost forget apout this until few days ago when I randomly clicking my music folder and found the very nostalgic item. Replaying the song again and again, I remember back then my silly guess is that this Yiruma person must be a kind of melancholic oujo-sama just like how Shibajun had a strong melancholic onee-san mage in my head.

 hm.. maybe kinda like this one? need a little bit moar of angst though

Fast forward again to yesterday, with the power and experience I gained now, it isn't hard to find info about the artist. Of course by now I had downloaded all the album, including tracks thats used for the OST of Winter Sonata (when will the animu came out btw?) but the biggest surprise is that I eventually found out that Yiruma is a male composer 0_0!! DonG!! Though its actually not very surprising to see a male composer skilled in the field of sorrowful bgm, Tenmon for example, but I really really couldn't deduce for his melody is very feminine. Most of his song imho had an image like a fragile girl made of glass and crystal. If I had to drag it into animesphere, Yiruma's song fits would perfectly fits for Chidori's (Persona 3) theme. Gaah I ended up writing something weird again...


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