Monday, December 15, 2008

Tabikarasu Magz back again XDD


hm.. I feel that the design is a little off, but there, you have it
Also, actually I have a thing for meganeko way long ago since Kimikiss (doujin) XD


hyu_zen said...

Yey, issue this month ...

Covernya ok nih,
(eh koq pake megane ? nah lo akibat tunjuk" muka org ... keculek matany >< )

Bonus poster ? sip tuh asal original not potosop XD

Overall tampilane apik tenan (java mode on),
ning contene' kurang akeh .. ya tho
and the important thing is ...
this edition was end of the year so ...
where's my special bonus .... yuki nagato's santa p@n+su .... ? Xd

Peace ^^V ... in ruined world

Neohybrid_kai said...

LOL is that so? padahal itu cover yang paling cepet bikinnya

O_O! bener juga.. end of year yah
ok deh kalo gitu bikin postingan spesial aja besok

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