Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eve no Jikan 3; EH? That's All??

Instalasi ke tiga dari anime yang lumayan seru buat bahan obrolan (oleh para pemikir, maksud saya, orang-orang yang ngakunya pemikir dan kurang kerjaan) ini akhirnya datang juga. However, I feel that in this episode, there's not much spark compared to the first and second. Mungkin karena [spoiler] its a drama between robots [/spoiler] Meskipun demikian, konsep bahwa di dalam eve no jikan a person can't differ robot from people and vice versa saya pikir cukup menarik, btw fenomena ini juga dikenal dengan istilah

ya ya.. sejak dari awal saya sudah dapet feeling kalo bakal ada Lucky Star di episode ini (that karaoke box is too obvious even for a person who never watch LS like me)

Oh, and speaking about the third episode, I think Mendoan's sub in boso jowo quite rocks. LOL. I guess they do excell in making lol intended sub, though I of course would still prefer versi boso jowo ngayogjokartohadiningrat, if there's any. 

 Quite WTF but yeah.. could be

Sampuun.. XDD

depend on your logat, this line could be translated as follows:
monggo disakecakaken
monggo dipun dhahar, and
monggo dipun rahapi (err.. ato dipunrahabi yah? whatever)

I'm still doing my emo-sub with my own pace, and seeing this kind of thing once in a while sure is refreshing.

get what I mean?

And now for the fourth installation.. spring 2006, eh? +_+


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