Monday, June 23, 2008

NEWS FLASH; I just Found this two items, they're totally interesting so I might drop 'em here to share



the first is this a Korean flash game X3
yes, I know this one is actually a game targeted for gals but hey, seifuku is not so moe anymore, oshare ftw~!

you can download it here

ya, mungkin kalian sudah bisa menebak gamenya seperti apa, basically its just a dress-up and see how much score you can get, but still it gets me so addicted, LOL
see? here I'm trying to make my rozen maiden XD
Twintails offcourse, ain't she a hottie!! I tried to match the top with a miniskirt (ftw) but there's only two miniskirt design and both aren't matched (baww) in the end I decided to replace the skirt, but hey, it's quite matchin'!


now let's make the "a bit more feminime" version, since I didin't like the overcute type of girl, lets give her a hat, afterall girls with long hair always looks so nice in hat :3 And to make her look a bit emoish, lets add the holy sacred gear called headphone (ftw), DONE!

now, if only this stylish themed game can becomes an, you know, eroge, it will be over nine thousand better than any AG, rapelay, the now-popular 3D Custom Girl and blablabla and the like

and now for the second item, I get this artbook randomly, the text is all chinese, it seems that the ilustrator name is vilavilla, if someone know more info about this artist please tell me, his artwork is so heavenly I wonder if he also draws doujin, heh heh heh....

I'll let the picture speaks itself

harem :3

tsundere :D~~~~

now this is what I call MMOEEEE XD

you can download the artbook here


Miyu said...

^^ makasiii flashnya.... ngga nyangka ternyata km juga suka game ginian ....XD

Neohybrid_kai said...

ahaha glad you like it XD oshare-ism (lol is that word exist) is more "moe" than seifuku meido et cetera

screencap dunk kalo ada XD

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