Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kono Subarashiki Sekai OST review, yes, THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU!

Never exhume me
I don't want you anymore
Colors are fading
You took all that I want
Memories are brimming and I hope you know
I am bleeding eternally for you

I can't believe this isn't a dream
Is this the way we end up?
I can't believe it was a dream
A flashback is all I got in my hand?


Nah, I don't play the game. The game always got stuck whenever I tried to played in the emulator, I wonder why. Anyway, Subarashiki Kono Sekai atau juga dikenal dengan "The World Ends With You" di versi USnya, adalah sebuah game buatan Square Enix untuk console NDS. If you got NDS or able to play NDS' game via emulator, I highly recommend this game.

I admit that for someone who never fully experience the game to talk about the OST is a bit to much, but what can I say? I already hooked on the game's music right from the opening menu. Subaseka mengambil setting present day at Shibuya, you may already guessed what I mean. Yep, the music is totally "gaul". Shibuya! Akiba! Shinjuku! Harajuku! lawl. No, you better not asking me anything about Japanese history stuff cause my fave historical era interest is in west (baca: Gothic) and my interest about Japan is about nowadays pop-culture and visual arts (well, maybe a bit of Showa period now because of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, damn that series really got me). Kalo dipikir-pikir aneh juga yah, saya tidak tau apa-apa soal Shinsengumi (kecuali Hajime Saitou yang di Rurouni Kenshin), tidak nonton anime samurai atau ninja, tidak tertarik dengan miko, tidak mengikuti anime yang bersetting jaman bakumatsu, tidak main samurai warriors dan yang saya tau soal jaman Sengoku cuma di game Sengoku Basara ada karakter keren fave saya yang namanya Kasuga XD~ Apalagi yah? oh dan kalo Amaterasu bisa bereinkarnasi menjadi gukguk dan Nayotake no Kaguya-hime is actually an annoying spoiled chick whose got no mercy in her heart XDD Dari beberapa opini yang saya baca juga ada yang mengkaitkan Subaseka seperti Kingdom Heart tapi lebih nge-pop. Saya sih fun-fun aja karena ada RPG dengan setting yang bukan dunia fantasi (bukan, bukan dufan yang ada di jkt)

Back to OST, personally I think original soundtrack nya subaseka didominasi oleh musik dugem XDD oh and rock too. Dan tidak bisa tidak, otak saya langsung membuat auto komparasi dengan OST nya Persona 3 (dan FES). Amazingly, meskipun kedua game ini berada di timeline dan setting yang sama, tapi taste musiknya benar-benar berbeda. P3 punya Lotus Juice dengan rap engrish nya yang (for me) sound cool, and some high-taste jazz. Sangat pas dengan aroma atmosfer P3 yang sedikit ekslusif (Gekkoukan H.S kan SMU swasta ..geeto loch XD) As for Subaseka, karena Shibuya-centric, tekanannya jelas lebih ke popular juvenile life-style. Well, saya memang tidak begitu suka dengan house music or techno or something like that (I don't know what to call that kind of music) but Subaseka got some REALLY cool rock tracks with girl's vocal. And some girl's rap too. Talk about Shibuya-kei and gals, woot.

Someone said I am such a foolish girl
Who cares? It's better than without a light
Sometimes I need someone to hold me tight
Explain to me what is justice what is right?

Somehow I hate to see you lie and lie
I know how dumb I am but so are you
Sometimes I want to laugh and cry at once
Explain to me what is justice what is right?


By the way, salah satu lirik dari lagu di ost ini ada yang benar-benar me-refer tentang komunitas online board, I LOL'd when reading the lyric

He's got an opinion and posted suggestion but never reveals his name
Read by someone, taken as a good one but nobody knew who had wrote it
Few lines of the sentences lie
Anonymity is annoying me all the time
It's like a 2channel, where people can just throw their own anger
And forget about those foul actions

-Game Over

you can download the ost from many place but I got it from here

Ngomong-ngomong soal urban, saya baru tau kalo Enma Ai akan kembali bermain di season ketiga Jigoku Shoujo yang dipastikan akan hadir Oktober tahun ini (WAOOOOOOOOOOO). Yea I know some people are getting bored with that show but I can never have enough Ai-chan *heart* *heart* (wait, didn't she supposed to go to heaven already?)


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