Monday, June 23, 2008

Heyyy... you know what? This Touhou doujin game is awesome

I think the title should be Touhou doujin doujin game since Touhou is a doujin game. What would you call a doujin of a doujin game? Doujin goujin game? whatever, lol

Anyway, I usually not much into Touhou except for Kagukagu and Mokou's Tom 'n Jerry chemistry (though actually I'd still prefer Akemi-sensei's Kaguya) but I gotta admit that THIS GAME is pure WIN!

you can download it here

It's a parody of Golgo-13, you know, that oh-so-GAR sniper that comes into anime this season. Golgo is very popular and he's a haruhiist too


Anyway, in this game, you'll play as sniper Udongein Inaba (I hope I spell it right), you know, the bunny girl with a pose that will remind you to Yusuke from Yu-yu Hakusho, and your main objective is to "shoot-the-bullet" (oh wow, that word is so Touhouish I'm so genious, lawl ) to the target. But you can't just randomly shoot, you have to hit a, let's say, certain part, to complete the mission. It's not that hard to guess but I've spend almost an entire night to figure out -_-;a I think this game would be easily beatable for a fujoshi though, since instinctively they know where to shoots in seconds *hint*hint*.

Great concept, not so bad graphic and great music!! especially the music that plays when you "hit" the jackpot! Lalaa~ lalaaa~~ XDDDDD The only minus point of this game is that it doesn't featuring Kaguya, which is very sad since among the Touhou cast, she's the one I'd love to shot the most


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