Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kimikiss episode 18: seperti kata iklan; I'm lovin' it! XDXD

oke, kenapa di film drama setiap ada adegan seperti ini pasti turun hujan? jawabannya ada di akhir post ini. Keep on reading!

mao-nee EMO

kai-kun EMO

zomg! so many emo in this eps, lololol yeey~!!

Hoo, Sakino. Nice tank-top! XD~

love's hurt, baby

Hm.. personally aku tidak begitu suka Futami karena karakternya yang stereotipikal, tapi di episode ini, dia lumayan menarik dengan pertanyaannya;

Q1: why do people fall in love with another people?

A1: I don't think anyone knows why they fall in love, when they realized, they 're already in love (nice counter!)

Q2: then why do people's feeling change?

A2: that's because they've found someone else they like OR they thought their feeling were wrong (another nice counter! chain combo x2)

Q3: if so, they should've stay alone from the start

A3: but didn't you say that it wasn't bad to be with everyone? (yet another nice counter! chain combo x3)

Futami: in the end, people are alone. That's why the experiment are over

Futami DOWN! your statement does not have a strong reason. You were just simply make a one sided decision. BOOOO~! hence the winner is Kazuki!!! Entah dia menjawab seperti itu karena dia pinter atau polos, yang jelas saya suka counternya. Quite wise, I think.

Resolved? I hope. Aku harap J.C staff nggak bakal memperpanjang masalah ini. Futami harus menerima konsekuensi dari keputusan yang dia bikin. Kazuki juga harus stick dengan persepsinya bahwa its all over. No moar experiment. Anyway, My respect to Sakino has grown now. Not only she decide to confront Futami after heard about the experiment, but she also thought the way to clean up the mess eventhough she knew that that might hurt her. Sakino rockz! You go, girl!!

Aah, this scene reminds me to that one from shuffle memories, doesn't it? sayang di sini nggak ada gempa+listrik mati nya XD

Yes, another showdown scene. You know, when Kouichi said to Kai "did something happen with Mao-nee?" I paused. Oke, lololol. This really is a showndown, dan kalo Kai tidak ngomong soal apa yang sebenernya terjadi, yang berarti cuma memperpanjang drama tanpa makna, dia tidak pantas punya nama Kai XDXDXD

congratz, dude! you deserve to use my name lololol

so, maybe some of you will think that Kai is so lame coz when Kouichi asks him "why?" he only answered with "I've got work" ? wrong! XD I think that's the best answer. I've already said enough, the rest is up to you. This way, Kai SPEAK TRUTH without giving up his right to pursue Mao and Kouichi also got his question answered. Once again, congratz, dude! you deserve to use my name lololololol

OK, now we're moving on to Mao-nee

and mao-nee said, like, It doesn't have anything to do with you and then I went whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? how could you say that, Mao-nee?? awww, you have dissappointing one of your loyal fan TT__TT *sob* *sob* I hate girl who didn't say what they truly feel, you know? but THANKS GOD !!!! apparently its just her way of making Kouichi stay away (how smart of you mao-nee~~)

ohoho~~ why kill with kindness if you can shot with a gun? scream Mao-nee, screeaaaaaaaaaaaaammm!!

too soooooooooooooooft~

!!!!!FIXED!!!! !!!!!FIXED!!!! nyahahahaha
Mao-nee, your butt is sexy~~ xD
ok, back to emo again

yep, Mao-nee have finally said it!! I knew it! I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeew iiitttt!

BRAVO JC STAFF! BRAVOOOO!!! And then Kouichi went "huh?" and Mao-nee push him out of her room and closed the door. BLAM! Bersambung? ya iyaa laaaaaaaaah.. XD episode 19 bakal rame nih XDXDXD ohohohohoho~~~ by the way soal hujan tadi, kenapa di film drama setiap ada adegan seperti itu pasti turun hujan? jawabannya adalah supaya pemainnya nggak susah-susah akting buat menangis lololol


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