Saturday, February 23, 2008

Huh? where did mai waifu gone this week? and Mao-nee is emo againnn!!

No no nooo, ah, this Kazuki dude, you're making it worse naoo
I don't understand this guy's thinking, but come to think of it, his relationship with Asuka is chemical while his feeling with Futaba, I mean, Futami, was experimental. Now I wonder which one is stronger. If love were truly exist in this world, in what form does it take as? Give me some enlightement, JC.staff

Two days ago, I watched Nodame Cantabile special and got the same chill. I've just realized that while chemistry based relationship is very strong but its weak side will be revelaled when its begin to question if that is love or not. Since I watched Nodame I've become a bit paranoid and now this Kimikisu is just making it worse, lol

yes, another run-while-crying scene, no rain but its still dramatic, lol

..and Kai saw her and ran to her and finally at bench near the fountain, he found her and said..

The truth, at last

and next week Mao-nee is still emo ftw

..and btw the subs for Spicey Wolfie eps 08 has not appear yet. Aww, how come?


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