Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dekimashita! Vanilla bunny gal!

front view

side view

Nice little easy pepakura, the template is only 2 pages and only need about 2 days long to finish it (includes the box)

Bagian yang paling susah, seperti yang sudah kuduga, adalah tangannya (the part is so small, lumayan bikin frustasi >_>) I also made a box

the dust won't get it but you can't grope her lol
a very hard choice indeed

more shots

outdoor ftw

from the size this pepakura is small (as big as chibi Hatsune Miku) but if you look her "size" this pepakura has the biggest among the other (she even beats Lycho-nee, lol) oh wow

now for some fanservice XDXD

and very special fanservice

the hardest part is to restrain my hand from drawing you-know-what on that spot using spidol ^^;;


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