Saturday, February 23, 2008

Huh? where did mai waifu gone this week? and Mao-nee is emo againnn!!

No no nooo, ah, this Kazuki dude, you're making it worse naoo
I don't understand this guy's thinking, but come to think of it, his relationship with Asuka is chemical while his feeling with Futaba, I mean, Futami, was experimental. Now I wonder which one is stronger. If love were truly exist in this world, in what form does it take as? Give me some enlightement, JC.staff

Two days ago, I watched Nodame Cantabile special and got the same chill. I've just realized that while chemistry based relationship is very strong but its weak side will be revelaled when its begin to question if that is love or not. Since I watched Nodame I've become a bit paranoid and now this Kimikisu is just making it worse, lol

yes, another run-while-crying scene, no rain but its still dramatic, lol

..and Kai saw her and ran to her and finally at bench near the fountain, he found her and said..

The truth, at last

and next week Mao-nee is still emo ftw

..and btw the subs for Spicey Wolfie eps 08 has not appear yet. Aww, how come?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dekimashita! Vanilla bunny gal!

front view

side view

Nice little easy pepakura, the template is only 2 pages and only need about 2 days long to finish it (includes the box)

Bagian yang paling susah, seperti yang sudah kuduga, adalah tangannya (the part is so small, lumayan bikin frustasi >_>) I also made a box

the dust won't get it but you can't grope her lol
a very hard choice indeed

more shots

outdoor ftw

from the size this pepakura is small (as big as chibi Hatsune Miku) but if you look her "size" this pepakura has the biggest among the other (she even beats Lycho-nee, lol) oh wow

now for some fanservice XDXD

and very special fanservice

the hardest part is to restrain my hand from drawing you-know-what on that spot using spidol ^^;;

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wolf n Spice eps 6; my GF is big and fluffy but most of all.. DEADLY~!

It's we against the world~!

I can't help but scream saaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaakiiiiiiiiiiiii
XDXDXD lololol

throw away your god-girlfriend and join me to lead the new world.
Well, f you , bitch!
oh man, this Chloe girl is just like Sasaki from Suzumiya Haruhi,
and how come she said "you can kill the man" after that? die plz

she said it might hurt a little but please endure it
oh, Horo-sama, what are you saying? XD *blush*

so, in order to unleashed the power that bloody mushy kisu is a must rite?
hoo~ I'm flattered, so, what's next, babe? master and slave? XD

those red things dripping from her lips
aww~ so sexy XD

and the transformation? awesommm! who need machete if you have a paw that big?
unleash the beast~ woo~hoooo!1111


satu orang terlempar
satu rok tersingkap (no pantyshots though)
satu orang terinjek
satu orang terlempar ke dinding
satu orang menggelinding
dua orang sisanya.. bestiality XDXDXD



maybe he wanted to say "don't eat that girl, rather, how about "eating" me instead?" XDXD

and then they do it (at least in my imagination! XDXD)

and they live happily everafter

moral of this story: tail feel so good!! XD

oh lol, uh, I think I've messed up this post ^^;;; oh whatever, overall, this episode is SUPAAA KUURU with Horo's bloody kiss, and then transforming into a megaswolfie, the parting scene, and finally of course, the oh-so-sweet reunion. The bishoujoish scene that I can think of is just that "please don't look at me" sentence but its still acceptable. Now it seems like the series is moving onto the next case, I hope that it would still be as enjoyable and exciting as this one.

Kimikiss episode 18: seperti kata iklan; I'm lovin' it! XDXD

oke, kenapa di film drama setiap ada adegan seperti ini pasti turun hujan? jawabannya ada di akhir post ini. Keep on reading!

mao-nee EMO

kai-kun EMO

zomg! so many emo in this eps, lololol yeey~!!

Hoo, Sakino. Nice tank-top! XD~

love's hurt, baby

Hm.. personally aku tidak begitu suka Futami karena karakternya yang stereotipikal, tapi di episode ini, dia lumayan menarik dengan pertanyaannya;

Q1: why do people fall in love with another people?

A1: I don't think anyone knows why they fall in love, when they realized, they 're already in love (nice counter!)

Q2: then why do people's feeling change?

A2: that's because they've found someone else they like OR they thought their feeling were wrong (another nice counter! chain combo x2)

Q3: if so, they should've stay alone from the start

A3: but didn't you say that it wasn't bad to be with everyone? (yet another nice counter! chain combo x3)

Futami: in the end, people are alone. That's why the experiment are over

Futami DOWN! your statement does not have a strong reason. You were just simply make a one sided decision. BOOOO~! hence the winner is Kazuki!!! Entah dia menjawab seperti itu karena dia pinter atau polos, yang jelas saya suka counternya. Quite wise, I think.

Resolved? I hope. Aku harap J.C staff nggak bakal memperpanjang masalah ini. Futami harus menerima konsekuensi dari keputusan yang dia bikin. Kazuki juga harus stick dengan persepsinya bahwa its all over. No moar experiment. Anyway, My respect to Sakino has grown now. Not only she decide to confront Futami after heard about the experiment, but she also thought the way to clean up the mess eventhough she knew that that might hurt her. Sakino rockz! You go, girl!!

Aah, this scene reminds me to that one from shuffle memories, doesn't it? sayang di sini nggak ada gempa+listrik mati nya XD

Yes, another showdown scene. You know, when Kouichi said to Kai "did something happen with Mao-nee?" I paused. Oke, lololol. This really is a showndown, dan kalo Kai tidak ngomong soal apa yang sebenernya terjadi, yang berarti cuma memperpanjang drama tanpa makna, dia tidak pantas punya nama Kai XDXDXD

congratz, dude! you deserve to use my name lololol

so, maybe some of you will think that Kai is so lame coz when Kouichi asks him "why?" he only answered with "I've got work" ? wrong! XD I think that's the best answer. I've already said enough, the rest is up to you. This way, Kai SPEAK TRUTH without giving up his right to pursue Mao and Kouichi also got his question answered. Once again, congratz, dude! you deserve to use my name lololololol

OK, now we're moving on to Mao-nee

and mao-nee said, like, It doesn't have anything to do with you and then I went whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? how could you say that, Mao-nee?? awww, you have dissappointing one of your loyal fan TT__TT *sob* *sob* I hate girl who didn't say what they truly feel, you know? but THANKS GOD !!!! apparently its just her way of making Kouichi stay away (how smart of you mao-nee~~)

ohoho~~ why kill with kindness if you can shot with a gun? scream Mao-nee, screeaaaaaaaaaaaaammm!!

too soooooooooooooooft~

!!!!!FIXED!!!! !!!!!FIXED!!!! nyahahahaha
Mao-nee, your butt is sexy~~ xD
ok, back to emo again

yep, Mao-nee have finally said it!! I knew it! I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeew iiitttt!

BRAVO JC STAFF! BRAVOOOO!!! And then Kouichi went "huh?" and Mao-nee push him out of her room and closed the door. BLAM! Bersambung? ya iyaa laaaaaaaaah.. XD episode 19 bakal rame nih XDXDXD ohohohohoho~~~ by the way soal hujan tadi, kenapa di film drama setiap ada adegan seperti itu pasti turun hujan? jawabannya adalah supaya pemainnya nggak susah-susah akting buat menangis lololol


Sunday, February 10, 2008

OH SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD... This week my (favorite) girls are crying!

The more you care for someone
The deeper you'll be hurt in the end

*sob* *sob* Oh noezz! Mao-neechaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!

Yes people, Kimikiss is getting sharper. Ah damn you JC staff. I was asking for more drama and drama si what I got (finalyy!!). Ah entah gimana ntar jadinya, sebagai fans sih saya berharap Mao-nee bakalan sama Kai-senpai, yang jelas episode 18 bisa dipastikan bakal rame!! muahahahahaha, senang saya, sudah lama nggak nonton drama yang bisa bikin ngelempar bantal ke arah monitor XDXDXD

Yang berikutnya, tentu saja, pendatang baru yang sudah official masuk ke dalam list character tsundere

well, benernya bisa dipahami kalo ada yang bilang eps 5 tidak sekeren eps 4, bahkan untuk seorang pengamat tsundere seperti saya pun merasa kalo VISUALISAI character flownya Horo di eps ini terlalu dipaksakan.

contoh adegan yang bener

contoh adegan yang salah

Masalahnya bukan pada karakternya, Horo sendiri bilang kalau dia sudah lama tidak ngobrol seperti ini dengan orang lain jadi mood swingnya jadi segitu, lalu pertemuannya dengan Chloe, percakapannya soal status dia di mata masyarakat desa Pasroe, keinginannya untuk pulang dan keberadaan Lawrence baginya sekarang, aku pikir level chemistry mereka sudah cukup kuat untuk mentrigger adegan seperti itu, but blushing? and then angry and then smiling? BAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THAT'S LIKE, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

what the hell is this scene???

Ayolah, ARTLAND, kalian tidak usah membuat ekspresi ala bishoujo, serahkan saja yang seperti itu buat KyoAni (Kyou's blush in eps 17 makes my nose bleeding hard XD) but for Horo sake, please don't do this kind of thing again in this anime >_> PLEASE NO! Just a little shed of tear and Lawrence softly wiping her eyes then give her a warm gentle pat is more than enough!

There is a level for each tsundere for how far their tsuntsun and deredere should go, dan itu bergantung dari atmosphere anime itu sendiri (theori bikinan seorang pakar tsundere XDXDXD) Untuk Wolf and Spice yang goresan realismenya cukup kuat aku pikir penggambaran karakter Horo tidak perlu sampai terlalu berlebihan seperti itu. Tsundere is normal, man, berdasarkan penelitian setiap cewek punya gen tsundere, hanya saja presentasenya berbeda-beda untuk setiap individu tergantung level commu nya, lololol

dang! mana bersambungnya pas bagian yg rame lagi, bikin emosi nih episode >_>

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