Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Aya-chan's new single: NEOPHILIA, it rockz!!

Remember when I post about Love*Gun, I write:
..aku berharap di salah satu scene nya dia bakal pake baju gothic kaya di photobooknya tapi ternyata nggak ada, haha..
well, sekarang permohonan saya terkabul XD
Aya-chan's new pv is getting darker than black!!

awesome! this is what I define as sexy

kuroi naaaamidaaaaaa.. nagasu watashi ni waaaaaaaaaaa.. lol

I want to be the doll X3

Overall, the PV is nice, the song is good, but not awesome enough, I hope in the next single she can sing a more deadly melody, she's got the visual done very well this time, I hope the next enhancement will be the audio. Something like Parallel Days or First Goodbye with a more darker feels to it will be totally beyond godlike, lol


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