Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blame this song for turning my blog back to its original color, lol

Download here

I don't care anymore!
Enough of fake smiles
Buckwild I go
Tried it on but it didn't fit me so
Found a better pair of shoes to walk
Even in defeat I hold my pride never gonna talk
Better yet
My mouth is tight like James Bond
You thought you saw me but next second I'm gone
I don't want no throne
I'm a freelancer do for benjamins but I'm not a gangster
Show me what you got
If you got it on cuz I fight not only verbally
Volatile man I am gotta game
That I play

I thought you might like the way
I destruct everywhere I lay my hands
I'm sick to the bone
From the top of the dome to the tip of my toe
I call the shots the frontman calls the drop
Going nowhere if you wanna take my spot
Break down right off the bat
I pop my armory
Too smooth to see and I sting like a bee
Like Muhammed Ali Champion of Champions will not defeat
Came up to beat the enemy at large
But tonight let us take a break back to kids in gocart

Once again I'm back in the lab
Cleaning my knives ready for stab
I never committed a crime I had to
Out of necessity I done couple
I plead guilty to lord in the chapel
Forgiveness given cuz I don't look for trouble
Instead it finds me
And what I do is fight back
Never look back the past cuz it hurts to think back
I pray to God cuz I'm still paranoid today
Can't lean back
Now it's over
Survival of the fittest time for me to take over
I was lenient but games over
Mass destruction is now our slogan
Just wont do things in slow-mo
Fast life fast money kinda like promo
Break down

Still got it going on
I am the next ruler the python
Don't be scared of biting I'm not a Tyson
Ride on
I'm the hurricane in ocean
About to land disturbing the peace
It's the War Zone
You best took it serious when you heard the tone

Mass Destruction: Reincarnation

As expected, Persona 3 is one of the "darn, don't have time but must play this anyway" game of the year. Its really define of what a ROLE PLAY-ing game should be. Rewind to your oh-so-sweet highschool era as you become a normal teenager by the day and demon slayer by the night, fun-filled battle, stunning artwork and AWESOME music, yeah, even the english voice action is not so bad either (don't compare it with the jap version, compare it with another dubbed game).

Oh and by the way, someone at the gamefaqs has already make a Lyric FAQ for all the song from the OST, so please check it out if you want to be a rapper, lol.

Viva ATLUS for his Shin Megaten franchise!!


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