Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's about time my GF will defeat saber xD

For Wii, dunno about the other info, lol. The armor design is quite cool. If u look closer, u can see kami-sama is doing 999999 her hit xD. Its about time those avalonallisadistantutopiablablabla thing got outdated and Haruhi will join Tohsaka Rin-sama to defeat saber, sader, black-sader or whatever her clone is. Nyahahaha xD

In other news, baka-tsuki has finished their translation for vol.09 of the novel. This only mean that tonight I'll be sitting in front of monitor with lot of snacks and a drink till I read every word and review it tomorrow.. maybe. Lol

Btw, ada yang udah nonton the simpsons? XD


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