Friday, August 31, 2007

after so many days unupdated.. here comes an adult only post XD


Anyone still visiting my blog? ^ ^
sorry for not updating for a few weeks, gotta lot of things to do in real world, lol

well, buat starter silahkan menikmati doujin ini xD
yup, you heard it right, an ero doujin xD
no violence, no etc etc yang aneh-aneh, just a sweet fluffy sex scene of Haruhi and Kyon only (yay~!)

or, if that's too much for you to handle, atau kalian ingin sedikit pemanasan, lol
silahkan baca fanfic ini, tidak terlalu explicit, tapi cukup hot xD

ok, lebih baik langsung ke main menu saja
download here
note: contain explicit material, download at your own risk

my comment: three rounds is not enough XD


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