Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer.. kalo nggak cerah banget biasanya gloomy

Yeah yeah.. belum apa-apa udah ada yang mati XDXDXDXD
w00t!! korban selanjutnyaa, plz..

Season summer sudah tibaaa XD "Virus-virus" baru pun sudah mulai bermunculan.
beberapa diantaranya sudah sempat dicicipi, here's some result of my aftertaste:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ~ Kai

don't be fooled, once again, don't be fooled..

last watch: eps 02/24
impression so far:
hauuuu~~ mii... nipa~* jleb jleb! slash! hauu~ lagi, kaai? kana? kana? jleb jleb jleb! lagi ended with big splaaash! tidak perlu penjelasan lebih lanjut lagi, lol.
hope that:
the graphic so far is good. I just hope they're not mess it up on later eps, especially when the emo scene starts, lol.

Zero no Tsukaima ~ Futatsuki no Kishi

"Obey ur mistress, pet!"

last watch: eps 02/12
impression so far:
nice, as expected. JC staff maintain the equal distribution well between action, drama and comedy. Fast paced, No overexecuted fanservice and Louise still kickin' Saito's ass as ever, her deredere mode doubled since the last moment on first season but her tsuntsun also twice as powerful than the last time, lol.
hope that:
Although the recent eps is good and still "controlled", I just can't help from worrying the existence of a useless moemoe filler eps >_> Afterall, this anime has a bishoujo taste in some sense. I hope JC staff will do the filler eps (if there must be) in a smart way without all that moe moe cliche. Zero is a good show to watch, and potentially good for provoking girls to become tsundere, lol. Oh, and one thing, though the OP and ED song are so-so for my taste but the ed clip ROCKZ! XD

School Days the Animation

"die backstabber, dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

last watching: 01/??
impression so far:
AWESOME!!! awesome! the first eps is somehow goes beyond my expectation 0_o! Ok, background art dan grafisnya mungkin tidak sejernih gamenya, tapi animasinya jelas lebih fluid dan yang lebih keren lagi, storytelling dan atmosfir animenya, bener-bener terasa school days (dalam arti sebenarnya, lol) Semuanya terasa natural, tidak ada benda-benda aneh yang biasanya mengisi anime bishoujo, its pure drama. A love triangle that (hopefully) goes bizarre and deadly in the end XD
hope that:
as always, no excessive moe-ness, harem show, et cetera. Jika dihandle dengan baik, this anime could goes with the same rhyme as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien yang bisa memicu perdebatan panas dan of course, I really really really really really hope they will activate Kotonoha's psycho mode at least for once XD XD

Moetan the Animation

"high school girl? aw, come on.. lol"

last watching: 01/??
impression so far:
This show is good. Very good. But that's it. I just didn't have the same preference with the show's uh, concept? ^ ^; Moetan is moe, totally. loli with action, mahou shoujo with lolilicious henshin scene and funny engrish that suckz as hell but sound cool, not too mention nice and adequate supply of ecchi fanservice. Problem is, I expect Moetan as a sweet show with heart warming loli romance ala Kamichu or Winter Garden. The ecchi things should be left for girls with older.. uh appearance, like Uta~Kata (though Ichika and Manatsu in Utakata are junior high schooler while Ink is an.. uh, high school girl? lol, wtf?)
hope that:
I don't think I can put up some hope for this show coz the concept just didn't fit with me from the start. Guess I'm just somewhat stupid from judging what moetan is just by watching the original moetan promo video ^ ^;;; Well, for now I just hope that there's an eps where all the character speaks in ECCHI engrish, lol. That will be the craziest anime eveeerrrrrr XD

Devil May Cry the Animation

"yea, like.. wtf XD"

last watching: 03/12
impression so far:
well, DMC is good. Meskipun sejauh ini plotnya makin ke arah yang nggak jelas (balapan motor dan kawin lari? wtf?) tapi anime ini masih tetap stick dengan gayanya yang stylish dan sok keren. My sis likes this anime very much (proves that normal people can consume this anime, lol) and knowing Madhouse is the studio, I'm sure that DMC can maintain the same excitement till the end of series
hope that:
plot will thicken on the later eps (dan sepertinya iya), also I hope that that oujo-sama can fight along Dante side as well (she needs to have a weapon XD)

And now... for the most provocative title

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

"A small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love."
(Stendhal 1783-1842 French)

last watching: 01/12 (zomg! this this true?)
impression so far:
EXXXCELLENT! This is one of the show that has a lot of influence in me after Suzumiya XD XD
The graphic sticks with the manga version and has more "mono no aware" sense than NHK ni Youkoso! Have watch for the third time and still won't mind watching it for the 4th. Kafuka I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu XD lolz

hope that:
there's a bit of fanservice that.. eh, nggak tau gimana ngomongnya, aneh, agak norak, funny but original. I just hope it doesn't ruin the show too much ^ ^;;; Ada beberapa adegan filler juga but its ok, aku harap atmosfirnya bisa tetep sampai eps berikutnya XD This anime has so many potential to be a provoking tool to create perfect mass destruction. Lol, Haruka Murakami! Orpheus! XD XD Love suicide! Zetsubou!! lol I hope they put some enka on the next show! XD


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