Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Alice Syndrome


Tea for Two

Take a cup, have a sip

Kisses from eye to lip

Hello love, how are you?

Let us have tea for two

Dear love, show no malice

Madness doesn’t matter

I am your sweet Alice

You are my Mad Hatter

Tweedledum, Tweedledee

Give a Cheshire smile for me

When you say, “I love you”

There’s always tea for two.

Schizophrenic with delusions of a place called Wonderland. Possible homicidal tendencies in subject, but strong homicidal tendencies in subject H. Subject A has gone in to a catatonic after we separated her from subject H, who has become more violent. Even after many therapy sessions he still believes he is the Mad Hatter from the Lewis Carroll. Patient much be sedated on a regular basis because of his outbursts, mostly rambling of ‘boundary leeks’ and asking subject A about the truth. Please handle with care.

..I am curious, I am quiet, I am a day dreamer, I am Alice of The Wonderland.

too much fanfics and fanart from the gothic board >_> banyak yg mau di post tapi mau cepet-cepet mudik, lol
AliceXMadHatter for the winnn!! XD


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