Monday, May 21, 2007

How many Alice in my Drive?

After writing the previous post, suddenly I want to create this post, lol. You can consider this as me sharing my Alice gallery.. yang setelah disearch dari folder gothloli-ku ternyata nggak begitu banyak >_> (kok bisa sih?)

Remember, clicking the pict gives you the higher res (not all of them are that high though)

A random Alice
cute, dunno from where, but I think that's all.
A standard bishoujo. Her rabbit is quite angsty though.

A shoujo styled Alice
Again, don't know from where.
She looks like an ordinary shoujo manga character. Cute.

Alice from P3
One of the persona in Persona 3. Yang cukup mengejutkan adalah bahwa dia ternyata termasuk "death" dalam major tarot arcana, wow. Alice as the goddes of death? Satu kelas dengan thanathos (personanya si main character) dong.

Tsukiji Nao's Alice illustration

Black Alice
Blue Alice
Red Alice
The mad-hatter on the red version is my current avatar at animesuki forum, lol. I like the Alice on the black version though.

Another unknown Alice
Sejak kapan kelicinya jadi sales jam? lol.
Anyway, this Alice somehow reminds me to Tohno Akiha from Shingetsutan Tsukihime. haha (gak nyambung)

From Flying Cat CG collection
The background and the expression are nice. Like it. What's with the number 18 btw?

The McGee's version.
The way she sits are quite hot, lol.

An abducted Alice?
Uh, wow. lol. Well, the white rabbit is quite a bishounen, so Alice probably didn't mind at all (she's already blushing, lol). I like the blood on the roses though.

If you don't recognize this picture, you're not worthy entering my blog, lol. just kidding. Too bad Haruhi isn't the Alice here. But (not surprisingly) she fits the red queen image well.

Don't know if this is Alice too, but this one is my most fave picture btw. The cat nekomimi girl is chesire, maybe? and the bishie is the mad-hatter. looks like a mad tea wine party, lol. Is Alice trying to make her looks like bleeding, or does she want someone to "drink" her? lololol. And does she step on the bishie's hand because his legs are touching her.. uh, gak jadi. lol.

That's all. So, which Alice is your favorite? ^_^


=MoonPhase= said...

paling bagus yg terahkir itu gambarna......xD alicena rada2 galakkk.... kaya saia.....xD

Akasha De Bathory said...

Tsukiji Nao's Alice illustration in red is my fav... your site is grate... well what I can read on english... will you post your pepakura models somewhere?

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