Friday, April 27, 2007

Hm.. Kaze no tsukuru michi wo.. kana?

edit 1: This post is supposed to be blogged two days ago, when I'm on my hollow mode and there was almost no song except this one on my playlist. No, I'm not talking about me login in a slow cybercafe, making me failed two update my blog twice in a row, uploading my pepakura photo, or not getting the third episode of Sola yesterday. It was more bloody XD
edit 2: Something happenned yesterday, the cybercafe is superslow (far slower than the first one), making me failed two update my blog for third times, uploading my pepakura photo, and I'm still not getting the third episode of Sola till today, lol, but my oyashiro meter was somehow dropping down quite a lot. Hah, what am I saying? >_>

Played more than twenty times in a row, "Yakusoku" is the coupling song from Romanesque, the newest Fiction Junction YUUKA's single, the ending single from El Cazador de La Bruja. Surprisingly, the song, for me, is much far better than the main song, "Romanesque". The arrangement is superb and the lyric is awesome as always. The vocals? Yuuka's voice is like a sweet lament and the choir is haunting and potentially brainwashing. Probably the only close excitement I feel that can be compared with this one is when I heard the second song sung by Suzumiya Haruhi on her twelfth anime episode.

the lyric (only romanizing, haven't translated it yet. I can't put it here cause the computer I use in this cybercafe doesn't support japanese character)

The song starts with choir, Yuki's very trade mark, a choir with "otherworldly" lyrics that probably only Yuki knows the meaning. Then Yuuka starts singing, almost like narrating a fairytale, and the electric guitar kicks in. Putting your soul together into a powerful blast.
The music then slowing down and Yuuka continues the story. The guitar keeps weeping gently, the drum beats with a final battle-like rythm, and Yuki's piano softly appears with its soft melancholic tune. Another one of her famous trade mark. On the middle the choirs starts yet another lament. Sentimental but powerful. I feel like this song is the one that suited to be the opening song, but that's just my opinion. Maybe BEE TRAIN has another plan to use this intort as an insert song? (both the coupling song in MADLAX op and ed single were used as coupling song) Oh, and just for a note, you should try listening it with a headphone, the element of the song is too rich to be heard with a speaker alone.

kaze wa mou sugu arashi ni natte..
the wind is very soon to become a storm..

subarashii no uta..
and three cheers for the short wavy haired girl
boku no Ellis *mmmmmuuach* hahahahaha


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