Thursday, March 1, 2007

BEHOLD, a new deadly virus called THE iDOL M@STER!!

ZOMG!! I almost turned into nijicon because of this thing. And I even haven't played it o_0
Imagine when I have play it, I will drag the nearest loli and force her to do the dance xD

The game's called Idol Master. Its a Xbox 360 one. Obviously, I didn't have the console hence I haven't taste it. Its an "idol-creating simulation" or so they said but I think its more like "choose your selection then go ahead and see what your loli can do" XD. I don't know whether there's a love-sim element or not, but this is not Tokimemo (read: high-school romance main themed story) and we know that "special relationship" between an idol and her manager is somehow forbidden, so I guess there won't be. Just wait till I played the game (hopefully) this weekend. And for the time being, please enjoy this clip from the DVD special. Its only a motion test but its powerful enough to make, at least me, scream *mmmmmoooooooooeeeeee~~~~~* ^^;;;

I wanted to upload the other clips, but somehow my converter program can't convert the .mkv files, the file's too big (around 300mb) to be uploaded as a single file. Maybe next time if there's a good response or request I'll try to convert and split it into smaller clips. But you still can find more clips in youtube, I think.

Auuu~~~~ I want to play this twintail girl's arc so bad

*in another news;*
I have finished haruhi pepakura, but not quite as I expected T_T
in fact, it worse than I tought that I want to throw it away, nihaha.
it may be not that bad if the face looks good or at least satisfying, but its face doesn't resemble Suzumiya-sama at all!!
not attractive enough, not enough tsundere-ness,
heck it doesn't even look cute at all ;_;
auu~~ I feel a bit dissappointed

Autoclair mecha musume

Faighto, dayo!!


anakaneh said...

Go My Way....
Go My Way....
A fine catchy tune, hard to erased from the mind. A deadlier virus than BontokBro. Wkwkwkwkwk.

Neohybrid_kai said...

lol, a deadly virus indeed ^^
lagunya berputar-putar terus di kepala O_o
not to mention the moelicious choreography

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